Monday, September 27, 2010

Stay-At-Home Momisms

<- If only :)...

- Missing talking to an adult, though not having any adult subject to talk about;

- Watching "Days of Our Lives" (or anything equally cheesy) to get your mid off of diapers;

- Gathering up the strength to clean the house at night, only to see it destroyed again in the morning;

- Making plans for what to do during nap time, but when it comes, being too happy doing nothing to move;

- Laughing at how hard you thought you worked at a regular job (and then crying);

- Counting the hours - no, minutes - to nap time;

- Eating at odd times (whenever the baby naps/is distracted);

- Letting the cartoons take over at the end of the day, when you've reached your limit;

- Putting make up on so you won't scare the baby (or the hubby);

- Having the tv on "for company" (but making sure the baby isn't hypnotised);

- Having to explain to hubby all the home and baby care procedures you've carefully developed;

- Being amazed that hubby doesn't instinctively know all these procedures (even though it took you several days of trial and error to develop them);

- Watching your baby change before your eyes;

- Having the strange, but wonderful sensation that you had long, deep conversations with your baby through babbling;

- Just understanding babbling at the end of the day;

- Becoming too attached to the baby to care :).


Chic Mamá said...

Love these! I definitely agree with the making plans but not actually getting to them when they nap lol

Thanks for coming by!!

PS. So cool that you're from Brazil. Do you still speak Portuguese fluently?

Anne Prado said...

Hey Chic Mama',

Yay, I'm so excited to see you here! Yup, I still speak portuguese, though now I think in both portuguese and english - if I'm sleepy when I talk I can even mix both :).

adriel, from the mommyhood memos said...

So true!! Yeah, I can definitely relate to those! I love the one about crying about how hard you used to think you worked! For real! And the one about all the baby procedures that you can't believe hubs doesn't instinctively know. So true! :) And hey, I'm visiting from Ingenue Mom where I guest posted a while ago. Sorry it's taken me this long to come over and say hello. Life got a little manic there for me for a while. No doubt you understand. ;) Anyway, glad to be here now and look forward to getting to know you more and reading your blog. Looks like I can very much relate!

Anne Prado said...

Thanks Adriel - I'm so honored to see you here! Glad to have discovered your blog too - will be following from now on!

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