Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How Not To Lose Your Mind In 10 Months

Here's what you do when your baby reaches the milestone of 10 months and you're tired of chasing her around:

Or laugh histerically, whatever your emotions crave. But not in front of the kid - you don't want to traumatize her. The point is to find some time in the day to just feel whatever it is you're feeling.

On the positive, that is. I won't tell you not to obsess - because, if you're a mom, we all know that's impossible. But it will do wonders for your spirit if you obsess over her birthday party than over the piece of paper she just ate from the floor.

If I keep my creative juices flowing, I'm much more adaptable with her constant changes. And this is coming from a person who LOVES routines. So go create something, girlfriend - a recipe, a scrapbook, a new work out (the Hip Hop Body Shop video is so much fun!!). Unless creating is not what floats your boat - then go mop the floors or something.

Everyday, try to do a little something that used to make you feel good before you had a baby. For me, it's using a cake-smelling body wash. In the beginning, I was afraid to enjoy showering too much, as if there wasn't a baby waiting for me. Don't fall into this trap; you have to enjoy yourself. This is, like, one of the first rules of good motherhood - right after keeping the baby happy.


Amy Sullivan said...

Bounced over from Ingenue Mom!

"Brain fried by how much you love your child"? I can so relate.

Cute blog, sweet pic of your daughter, and I am clicking over to the Hip Hop Body Shop as I need a a jump start on my workout routine!

Nice meeting you.

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