Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's The Baby's Fault

Don't you love using this efficient little line, new parents? I know we do. But this week, it was true - we ALL got sick because of Melissa. After spending a whole day cleaning snot out of her little nose (sorry for painting this pretty picture on your mind), I was a complete wreck. I got dizzy, weak, achy, yucky and so congested I could hardly breathe. Hubby was next; it was A LOT of fun to go through this while he was too sick to help me, let me tell you. Even more fun was Melissa's whinning and constant snot producing, though I was more sorry for her than grossed out. Amazing how your kid's boogers become like your boogers - well, not exactly, but definitely better than anyone else's boogers!

Now that I'm done talking about boogers and snots and yuckinesses, let's talk about the happy stuff. My nephew was born!! I already have 2 nieces, from my oldest sister, and now my middle sister just had her first baby!! We're so excited it's a boy because we kind of have an overpopulation of women in our family. He was born precisely the day I felt the sickest, but that was a very good distration for me (on the times I could think straight).

I'm so excited now ALL my sister and I are mommies - this totally ads a whole new dimension to our bond. When you become a parent, you realize the simple excuse "it's the baby's fault" (for not being able to go somewhere or do something) only sounds like an excuse to childless people. Your life becomes so full, and it's equally wonderful and exhausting. So any day you can have the chance of doing (or not doing) whatever you want, you should be allowed to take it. No questions asked.

But answering your question (if you were kind enough to ask), yes, we are doing much better now. Not 100% back to normal (our voices are hoarse and our kleenexes are plenty), but at least we're a happy family once again. We're still laying low though, not sure of when we'll be joining society just yet - and of course it's totally the baby's fault.


Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Congrats on the new nephew! Hope you're feeling 100% by now.

Anonymous said...

Aww, congrats auntie! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Anne!

que legal te reencontrar!!!

espero que esteja tudo ok ai com você... aqui tem rolado muitas coisas boas!



Steph said...

Congrats on the new nephew! I'm glad you're feeling better too!

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