Monday, September 27, 2010

I Can Get No Satisfaction

My latest 2 posts have been about sicknesses and body issues, so pardom me for adding another one...

Our always active and smiley and independent girl has a fever AND is teething. So instead of making me chase her around the house, she now screams if I move an inch away from her. LOVE the cuddling, not gonna lie, but I still feel so bad that she's sicky.

The funny thing is, even though she's not at her best, I can still see her developing at an amazing rate. Her face is even more defined than in this picture. She's becoming more and more her own little person, so fast it scares me, in the best way :).

One more random thought: I just realized I'm never satisfied. At least not for long. When we got married, I loved our tiny 1-bedroom, but soon I wanted something bigger. Then I got pregnant, we moved into a 2-bedroom, and I enjoyed it for like, 5 seconds. Soon I was desperate (to the point of tears) to have the baby out of me AND move into a house. Now that I got the baby, I want the house asap. I'm getting jealous of pregnant women too, but I have yet to discern if these are true baby yearnings or just my usual dissatisfaction.

At first I thought this was because I needed the thrill of looking forward to something, but now I think I just need the thrill of something. Looking forward to it can actually drive me crazy - I am NOT good with waiting. I want it right here, right now. Then I want something else. NOW. Does that make me weird (as in, a nice word for high maintenance :)?

That's why Melissa is so good for me. She teaches me to appreciate the moment. It helps that she's in CONSTANT change - I don't need to wait long for the next cute thing she's gonna do. So at the same time that I'm eager for her to be a teenager and we can do our nails together, I'm forever entertained by her new discoveries. She also seems to want something new every minute. She gets SUPER excited with a toy, laughing histerically for 30 seconds, and then she's done. On to the next wonder. If only my wishes were that easily satisfied.


*Nikki* said...

hi..i just seen your comment on my anniversary post on my blog and thought i would hop on over here to see what your blog is all about.
i hope you don't get offended but when i was reading this post..i was laughing my head off..because i am the same way! When my husband i got married we lived in an apartment...then i got i had us move into a townhouse which was a little bigger...then when we had our little girl...I strived for us to buy our own house with a i have that...and now i don't know what to strive for next...a bigger house? another child?
i am like you..i am always looking for the next move UP!

Shanna Brewer said...

I completely understand where you are coming from. But I must say, once we bought this house that I HAD TO HAVE, we realized quickly how much responsibility comes with it. Its not just the upkeep, its the constant reminder that if one of us loses our jobs, we could be in deep trouble. Sometimes are dreams can bind us into a lifestyle we didn't exactly intend to unfold. I still LOVE my home and wish I could have the best of both worlds - keep the house and have a choice about working or not. Sometimes simple is better. No mortgage would mean spending more time with my family, spending money on things that are meaningful. There are tradeoffs everywhere.
Enjoy all the moments while you look forward to the future! It all happens so quickly!

Anne Prado said...

@ Nikki - oh I'm so honored to see you here!! :) And I'm totally not offended - I'm very glad I'm not the only one haha! This could be a female characteristic - or maybe a human one?

@ Shanna - wow thanks for the encouragement!! And I think YOU are blessed - staying at home can numb your brain very often. And it's easy to forget you're yourself and feel like you're just a baby feeding machine, you know :). Like you said, it's all tradeoffs!

Steph said...

hahah! I look at your blog/life and go, "I want my son NOW!" Grass is always greener. I also wish we didn't live in a 2 bedroom condo. It's great for just us and dogs, but once the baby is here - having guests will be a problem. It's all on 1 floor and feels like a nicely decorated apartment. When guests come over, I have very little space to hide the dogs and clean up. I imagine a 4 bedroom house with a nice fenced in yard and drool starts coming out of my mouth.... I digress..

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