Monday, September 13, 2010


- Gummy grin

- Purring like a cat

- Eating cheerios from the floor like a dog

- Licking us like a dog

- Pouting and throwing fits like a teenager

- Clapping and "singing along" (if "aaaaaah" counts) to Veggie Tales songs

- Being pooped and/or hungry at the most inconvenient of times

- Waking up precisely when I sit down with a brownie

- Eating EVERYTHING (not limited to food)

- Making us laugh when we're not supposed to (like in an immigration office)

- Playing the "hugging game" (hug mommy, then hug daddy, then mommy, then daddy...)

- Playing with her hair when she's sleepy

- Squealing as a way of communicating ANYTHING

- Being pretty much the most awesome 10 and a half month old kid in the world :).


sicie said...

Cute! You need to make some more videos of her for us!

itsybitsyknitsy said...

Omg - she is adorable! Seriously, so cute! Playing with her hair when sleepy - my God Daughter does that. So cute! You're so lucky!
On a side note, thanks for the comment on my blog - its exactly what i needed!

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Such a pretty baby... I just want to cuddle my own babies again. Just for a little while... They're enormous now and it's good but a bit sad...

Anne Prado said...

@ sicie - I know, I just got kinda freaked out with the vlog idea... But I will email some videos of her, promise! YOU do the same with little Lucas!!

@ itsybitsyknitsy - I'm glad my comment helped somehow! You're better off, you'll see!

@ Tracey - ah, I want mine to grow up already :). I guess we're just never satisfied with what we have, are we!

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