Friday, October 1, 2010

5 Awesome Autumn Things

<- We love Autumn :)

1- Melissa's Birthday
I absolutly love, love, LOVE that from now on, getting colder will mean that Melissa's birhtday is coming up. Halloween was never too exciting for me (remember, I'm from Brazil, so it's not big over there), but THIS is a celebration worth dressing up my kid in a funny costume and eating lots of sugar.

2- Ugly Sweaters
Who, like myself, loves an ugly sweater?? They happen to be the most comfortable, and when it's really cold, people won't look at you funny (much :). I've heard of the idea of an "ugly sweater party", and I HAVE to do that one day. Who's in??

3- Orange Stuff
I usually don't like orange, but there's something about Fall that makes it look warm, cozy and magical. Like the world turns into a gigantic fireplace.

4- Trees That Match My Lipstick

Kinda, doesn't it? (L'Oreal Toasted Almond, FYI)

5- Cookie-Smelling Candles
So you don't have to eat the cookie. That way you can eat your brownie guilt-free :).


Amber said...

All of those things sound awesome! :) Love the first pic of your precious baby, she's cheesing big time, LOVE it!

Antara said...

I absolutely love fall!! Most beautiful time of year! And ofcourse...I love the old..ugly sweater!!! Mines is my University of Ottawa sweater that didn't start of ugly...but became kinda ugly over yeas of wear and wear :)

Andrea Emerson said...

Those cookie (and birthday cake) candles from Kohl's are my absolute favorite!

Anonymous said...

Count me in for the ugly sweater party! :-)

sicie said...

Great picture of you and Melissa!! Wish I could come to the party...

Steph said...

That picture of you two is adorable! Frame it! lol

I love your autumn themed post. Ugly sweaters are usually celebrated here with Christmas sweaters. haha

adriel, from the mommyhood memos said...

We don't really get autumn here. :( It's usually just warm, warmer, hot, and hotter. (And then freaking hot.) I miss cider and boots and that crisp cool morning air... And candy corn! No candy corn in Australia...

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