Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Want to Be a Real Housewife of Somewhere

<- NY are my favorites - they make me laugh more and show less boobs :)

No, I don't want cameras following me or any drama - but I am admiting to be jealous of how easy their lives seem to be. Of course I'm under "the other grass is always greener" effect - I know they have MAJOR issues, despite how rich they are. But I want their carefreeness. I want the spark that their lives seem to have, minus the crazy.

I wonder if spark and crazy go hand in hand, though? I know I'm generalizing, but I think people that get everything VERY easy tend to be more oblivious about their own faults. Like, it's hard to see you're shallow if you can have whatever you want. It's also hard to see you don't care about people if everyone caters to you.

Of course this is also jealous me speaking; I only wish I even had enough money to have half of their issues. Ok, let me rephrase that - I don't want any of their issues. Some of them are too messed up even for me to watch. And I'd hate to live in that bubble where everyone has to look and act fabulous all the time. I love it that my friends love me even with no make up, a spit up on my shirt and too much exhaustion to have an intelligent conversation. But I guess I just want those crazy rich ladies' confidence; the way they truly do believe they've got it together. I could use some of that, but it's kinda hard without a personal stylist on call.


Steph said...

I think what you're trying to say is you wish you had that money. I am the same way. I often think about the lottery because I can't fathom how we'd "earn" the amount I dream of. IF we were to win the lottery, my biggest fear would be family or friends coming out of the woodwork to ask for financial help. I easily picture certain people guilt-tripping and ignoring us if we were to say no to their financial requests.

That being said, I still want to win the lottery. :)

Anne Prado said...

EXACTLY - but saying I want their "confidence" sounds so much less greedy than saying I want their money, doesn't it?? :)

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