Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Meanwhile, in Melissa's World... Part 2

Now that I'm going to be 1, some things have got to change.

First of all, what's up with you wanting me to sleep all the time?? Yes, twice a day plus the entire night is ALL THE TIME. I don't have time for this. I have to learn how to walk. I do get tired from it though, but then you're supposed to rock me. That's it. Don't expect anything else to happen.

Then, you gotta get more creative on your games. Peekaboo? So last month. I still kinda like it, but you know me, you gotta shake it up a little every once in awhile. I get bored easily. Like your cellphone - it used to be so exciting closed, and now it HAS to be open AND on the pages that I want. Or else I'll SCREEEAAAAAM!!!! Until you give me cheerios.

Another thing that's gotta change is your obssession with my diaper. It's just fine, mom. A little poop is not gonna kill me. At least it's better than you laying me on my back (oh, the horror), and wiping my intimate areas (double horror). I'm a little girl, mom. Not a baby anymore. Gotta give me some respect. Or at least make it interesting - sing, dance, and make it good. Then I just might crack a smile.

It might seem like I'm cranky (why do you always think I'm cranky?), but I'm actually delighted I'm turning 1. Exploration has never been so easy for me. And talking seems so close I can taste it. I know a lot of words already that I just haven't learned to say yet, but I'm hoping my facial expressions will give you a hint.

One last thing... Give up on that plan to wean me off on my birthday. That's some birthday gift.


sicie said...

Haha... I really enjoyed this entry... and Melissa looks so cute in that picture!

Amber said...

Hahaha, love it! The entry from Melissa's perspective. Hilarious!

Tagged you in my last post, enjoy! :)

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