Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How to Unfrump Yourself

Not that I've succeeded yet (at least as much as needed). I'm just coming up with ideas, so if you have any, you're welcome to add more!

1- Highlight Yourself
Check - just did them Sunday:

What I mean is, pump your style up a bit. I'm usually more in favor of natural-looking color than crazy special effects, and loved it when people thought my redish brown was natural (nope, it's a bit darker). But the reason why I did this was because I couldn't stand looking at the mirror and just seeing a mom anymore. I needed something that said, "hey, I spent some time on myself, so I must exist besides the baby." If you don't want to change your hair, a new lipstick might rock your world just as much.

2- Trust Yourself
All throughout the day I'd been thinking things like, "This house is a mess - I don't know how to clean a house"; "Melissa is cranky - I don't know how to make her happy"; "I feel overwhelmed - I'm the worst time manager ever." Without realizing, I was paralyzing myself with the fear of failure, or believing I'd already failed. So lately I've been trying to be like, "This corner is messy - then I shall clean it up"; "Melissa is cranky - there must be a reason, or else it's naptime (yay)"; "I feel overwhelmed - I shall eat some chocolate".

3- Amuse Yourself
The other day, Melissa puked 3 times before noon. Of course it drove me crazy, but after I thought of telling this to David when he'd get home, I laughed. I mean, she already needed a bath before her morning naptime, which made her sleep for about 3 hours, by the way. If every puke means an hour of sleep, I say, bring 'em on :).


sicie said...

I like the highlights, and your curls look pretty!

Steph said...

Agreed on all three counts! I think as women, we're lucky to be able to switch up our hair's color or length or texture to make us feel better. I am also guilty of your 2nd point. Yesterday, I had to tumble some wrinkled clothing in the dryer. While I was waiting for that (since I wanted to climb back into bed), I decided to do some cleanup in the kitchen. I can't believe how much I got done in that tiny 15 minute period! It's similar to the flylady cleaning philosophy of racing against a timer to do something.

Mommyfriend Lori said...

I agree with all 3. The highlights are so soft and pretty with your curls! I love curly hair!!! And chocolate, why yes, always an excellent plan!

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