Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Post Memorial Day Weekend Depression

Ok, I lie. I'm not depressed. How could I when my birthday is tomorrow?? :D But I did wake up a little nostalgic about the 4 day - yes, 4, because hubby had friday off! - weekend, and regretful about what I should or should not have done.

Things I wish I'd done:

- cleaned the house. The most I did with the laundry was transport it from the floor to the couch. And that's only because I gotta walk.

- gotten in the pool with Melissa. We tried, but the water was freeeeeeeezing!! Not just "you'll get used to it" freezing, but really "your ears will hurt even if you get used to it" freezing. At least we got cute pictures of our attempt:

- gone grocery shopping. Again, we had a bunch of things to buy for the house but ended up just getting stuff for Melissa. I'm glad we have a 7-Eleven down the street, or else we'd starve.

Things I wish I had NOT done:

- eaten 2 cows and a pig. I think I had a large steak/pork meal for 3 nights in a row. That is enough to poof my face up. The thing with me and meat is that I will eat everything that's on the plate, whether I'm hungry or not. No matter how huge the piece is, and I'll even be sad that there isn't more. Maybe I crave the vegetables that the cow/pig ate.

- worked out. I hear all these stories of moms saying how working out made them so much happier and energetic, but I am not one of them. Melissa's already my work out, and if I add more for pressure of the society (or my thighs), I feel like I'm about to collapse. I get into a numb state when I can only understand baby language. Then David wants to talk I have a breakdown because I can't understand what he's saying.

- obsessed over this blog. Will people read it? Will people like it? Will some weirdo from the internet send me hate messages? If you're some weirdo reading this, please don't. I can get a little paranoid when I think too much about it. I can also get so excited when someone does like it (um, my husband) that I get addicted to blogging/editing it again and again. Incredible how a blog about having your brain fried (by motherhood) can fry your brain.


Wyoverit1 said...

OOOOOOH MY GOSH ! She is breathtaking ! What a cheeze, she smiles like David. I love your blog and your writing. You are shinning ! Many Blessings dear Sister.

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