Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Next Babies Might Be Green

I got this cool bottle last night when I went to watch WICKED!!!! I'm so excited, I didn't know I was allowed to be this entertained since I had a baby :). An amazingly nice friend from church watched Melissa (thanks Esther!!) and David and I had a night on the town. By far the BEST birthday EVER.

Afterwards, I just had to buy a souvenir, because I wanted to remember how I felt. I've always been a waterholic, but after the pregnancy, I literaly always need to have water within reach. David had even given me a pink bottle for Mother's Day:

But I think we left it at a bookstore 'cause I couldn't find it anywhere! So I thought it would be perfect if I made David buy me another meaninful bottle :).

I think the powers are beginning to kick in...


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