Monday, June 14, 2010

Fun Melissa Facts

<- Daddy letting her drool all over his water :)

**WARNING** - Serious baby gushing ahead. If you are easily bored, please jump to the other posts that are more mom-related.

Every mom likes to brag about their child. We don't always find a patient audience, but the urge is always there. So this is me satisfying my urge:

- she calls me "mama". I finally know she means it! We've been trying to get her to say "dada" for David's sake, but no luck. She's in love with him though; after I nurse her in the morning, she reaches to him and desperately smiles at him until he wakes up.

- she's giggly. She laughs when I tickle her, when I laugh, when I talk on the phone, when I wash her armpits or when I do any surprising thing that rocks her world (like snapping my fingers in front of her face :).

- she likes to dance. More specifically, she loves to watch mommy/daddy dance, and tries to imitate us. It's the cutest thing to see her bobble and shake her hands in her exersaucer.

- she crawls. She officialy crawls now! That reminds me, I need to vaccum.

- she loves to watch me put make up on. I like to think I'm sowing the good seed in her heart :). Usually David holds her, but I have done this with her on my left arm! It's one of those super powers that automatically comes with becoming a mom.

- she hugs me tight. I didn't know a 7 and a half month-old baby could hold you so tight already, but she does. And if I'm lucky, I'll get some slobber on my hair too. You have to be a mom to realize the beauty of this :).


Wyoverit1 said...

Awwwww !!! what a sweet pea !

Anne Prado said...

She is... I'd have more gushing to post, but I don't want to bore people to death :).

sicie said...

Que linda! Igualzinha a Anne bebe... ainda mais com essas orelhinhas de dumbo :)

Anne Prado said...

Hihi pois e'... Tava vendo umas fotos minhas nenem e tomei um susto, que parecia uma versao menos ativa dela (nas fotos em to sempre sentadinha com cara de paisagem, e a Melissa ta sempre fazendo caras e bocas hihi)

Anonymous said...

I found you through the lady bloggers tea party. I love your blog. I have a three month old and am looking forward to these things. She's getting a personality and it's amazing. Thanks for sharing!

Antara said...

awww... she's so cute!
and i totally get the bragging bit... i mean that's why i created my blog! LOLL so that I could brag about my awesome baby girl!

Anne Prado said...

@ Antara - blogging is just one more way where our worlds can turn around our baby, isn't it :).

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