Thursday, June 10, 2010


Maybe I've been a wee bit obsessed with this blog. The other day I met with a friend and found the sound of my voice so weird. It was hard for me to figure out what to say, but I definitely knew how I'd write it.

That's probably a sign that I need to take a little break. But if you happen to follow this blog, PLEASE don't abandon me - this probably won't last for more than a day or two. It's been so much fun writing on a regular basis that I think I got addicted. But I just need a mind break.

Speaking of that, join me and take a mind break also. Weekend is coming, grab a novel and/or do something very unproductive. Not that posting on this blog was exactly productive, but you know what I'm sayin'.


Floundering said...

Haha whenever I'm doing ANYTHING, in the back of my mind, I'm drafting a blog about it. Maybe it's a sickness. Hey, thanks for the VERY nice comments on my blog, you made my day! Love your site!

Anne Prado said...

Hey, so cool to have you comment on my blog!! I'm honored :). And I'm glad I encouraged you, you're a very fun blogger! Glad you like mine too, yay!

I know, it's a mind exercise, isn't it... I have to remind myself to have normal thoughts and not just "writing planning" thoughts haha.

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