Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Motherhood is Going to Kill Me

My back hurts. My entire body hurts. I'm constantly sleepy but can't sleep because I hurt too much. Yet my baby gets heavier and heavier everyday, racking my back more and more everyday.

Last night I tried to be disciplined and went to bed at 9 - a miracle, since I'm a night owl. So I slept till about 12:30 and then only fell asleep again after 4:30!! 4:30!! Had to nurse Melissa at 7:30ish, of course. My entire plan of recharging my batteries went down the drain. I don't know what to do. I'm trying to strech myself more so I'll relax my muscles, and it has helped a bit. But I still feel like I'm broken.

So this post doesn't have any tips or anecdotes. It's just simply me letting you know my pain and why I might disappear from the blog for the time being.

ps: Melissa's still adorable. This is all her fault - she distracts me with her adorableness while I break myself.


Susan Tipton said...

I absolutely can relate to sleep deprivation and I love the photo.

I hope the pain is just tiredness and not a back out of whack:)

Krystyn said...

They can definitely wear you out, can't they?

PS You might want to check your feed from me...you might need to re follow..it's acting funny! I'm still here! www.reallyareyouserious.com

Anne Prado said...

@ Susan - I'm SO glad someone relates to this! I know, it seems obvious, but I was wondering if I posted too much of a downer of a post :). But I guess we have to talk about the hard stuff too, don't we! And the back is getting better, thank you - got a little better sleep last night (though still not much).

@ Krystyn - yes they can! I never knew love could be so exhausting! :) And yup, got your feed!

Deb said...

DO you have a good baby carrier? They are a godsend. It is amazing the difference they make when you have a baby who wants to be held and you want to hold. Don't get one of the baby bjorn type pouches, a wrap, meitai or structured carrier like an ergo or patapum are worth it.

TIGHTWAD said...

The conundrum: baby gets heavier, you are lifting more, and if you are like me you aren't losing any weight! Argh. I totally hear you on the sleep management plan; your body backfired on you! Just dropping by from LBS!

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