Saturday, June 12, 2010

Getting My Mojo Back

I don't know the exact definition of mojo, so don't sue me if I use incorrectly. All I know is that I'm feeling more and more like myself again. Not like my old self, but like my new self is becoming normal. The preggies reading this must be freaking out, thinking, "It took you 7 MONTHS to feel like yourself again??" But don't dispair. It's a long and gradual process, but it flies by.

The reason why I feel I'm getting my mojo back is that I'm accepting myself again. From the pregnancy on, everytime you look in the mirror you see someone different, and that can be scary. Then after the baby, you know for sure things will never be the same. It's amazing how much your body changes after a person is extracted from you. It's like going through puberty again - there's the insecurity phase, then you learn to accept and accessorize the new you.

Maybe what pushed me to the accessorizing stage was finding a shirt that was sparkly AND didn't make me look like a Christmas Tree. Miracle of miracles. It's funny how the perfect shirt can completely change a woman's perspective of life.

Also taking a break from blogging was a great idea, though it lasted for just a day and a half. It felt like forever. But I needed to regroup my thoughts, and from now on I might not blog every single day, so I won't burn out anymore. I'll probably do it every other day or so, like I used to do before I became addicted and unable to speak.

But I'm still doing my best to take a mind break this weekend, and it's working wonders. Mommies of all the world, I know it's hard to take physical breaks, but maybe even more important than that (or at least just as much) is to take a mind break. So stop running that huge list in your head. Stop. Right now. Don't you feel better?


Anonymous said...

Dear Anne,
I am reading your blog. It is fun.

Anne Prado said...

Yay Petra thanks!! Miss u!

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