Saturday, March 16, 2013

Whoa, almost 19 Weeks!! & ALMOST Gender Reveal :)

Today's belly shot has been invaded by my millions of kids :)

I know, I know - my plans to be so faithful in keeping updates aren't always happening. It's not all my fault! I stayed about 2 weeks without a computer (how did I even breathe??) because my old one went to computer heaven (or hell lol).

But there's a happy ending to this tragic story: I got a Mac Air!!!!! Oh my goodness, I can't even believe it. It took 3 pregnancies for husband finally hear my cry on buying a lighter laptop. With this I can type until I give birth! Because by the time you're 8 months, ANY pressure on your thighs (unless it's like, your older kid) makes you want to die.

Anyway. On to pregnancy reports! 2nd trimester still rocks, BUT the baby's definitely going through a growth spurt. Which means that although I have more energy, the muscles around my belly can't take too much. Not that it's so bad to chase 2 little ones (walking around helps me feel better, or reminds me to get up and stretch). It's just bending and heavy lifting that can really hurt me. So yeah, my TV rules have loosened up a bit. But the kids are still having every meal at the table! Like they say, "aim for the moon and you might reach the stars", or something like that. Aim for perfect parenthood and you might end up descent! 

With my belly bulging more, I think the kids are starting to grasp the concept that another sibling is coming. Andrew likes to poke my belly, and I make it talk to him lol. Then he starts wanting to feed it with his food, and it's not so fun anymore :). He's growing up so fast, and I'm cherishing the last moments of him being the baby for as long as they last. It's hard, because I feel like I didn't have enough time to just enjoy his babyhood before focusing on another one. And note to moms wondering if they'll be able love another kid as much as their first - YES you will. You'll be in awe of each child, no matter the birth order. And he's turning into such an adorable little boy! I pray that he never feels ignored in the middle, because he's as special as if he was the only one. 

Melissa's still a sweet and fun sister, but I've noticed she's started some regression (whining/behaving like a baby, or getting upset if we tell her she's big). One morning I had the revelation to tell her that even if she grows up THIS big (I raised my arm) and a bunch of babies come, she'll always be mommy's baby. She opened a huge smile, and then her mood was like night and day - from complaining about everything to being happily compliant. 

I'm SO glad God gave me the idea to say this because she's been so moody, and I hadn't yet considered that it could be because of the baby (since she's already been through having a younger sibling). But the more I thought about it, the more it makes sense - she might wonder where she fits in now that all these babies are coming :). Also hearing me talk about it like it's an exciting thing might give her the impression that being a baby is more special than being big. I'm trying to make sure she still feels like our little one, and not like she's expected to just be a grown girl without ever being babied anymore.

Now, on to the part of the ALMOST gender reveal: we'll find out Tuesday around 4:00!! I bursting out of my seams with excitement. We'll get to call the baby by his/her name! Which will be Holly for a girl or Kevin for a boy. My mom dreamed it's a boy, so I'm pretty much believing it is, because I never doubt her dreams anymore - she dreamt I'd have a girl quickly (and then I got pregnant with Melissa after just 3 weeks trying), and another time she dreamt her friend was pregnant and it turned out to be true. We'll see if she's right again in 3 short days!!

And YES, I hereby make the commitment to post extensively about the official gender reveal. But please leave comments so I'll remember to stop jumping up and down enough to do it :).  


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