Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Musings: The Heart Reconstructor

Proverbs 4:23 says "Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it."

Isn't it amazing how this can be the first thing we ignore when we feel insecure/anxious or just plain bored? Think of how many times have you watched crap on TV (that you KNEW would make you feel yucky later) simply because there was nothing else on. 

But the reason why I thought of this post is that I know so many people who are suffering (or have suffered). Good, wonderful people who got hurt by not so good ones. And even if they had something to do with it, the fact of the matter is, their hearts were broken. Yes, with time, they got the pieces back together and moved on, but a little part or two is sure to be left behind.

That's what happens in this twisted world we live in. Eventually our hearts can come to the point of not feeling whole anymore. But I remember a good friend of mine, who'd been through 2 divorces, and told me that her breakthrough came when she prayed that God would make her feel whole again - and He did just that.

I thought it was so cool at the time, and still do. It hurts me that some of the people I admire most have been traumatized in a really big way. Bad experiences can leave such a bad taste in your mouth that all your outlook on life changes. I've been through that too (spent the first 2 years after college pretty much in a daze), and sadly, I don't know a person who hasn't gone through any kind of crisis. Who's never been let down, and had their innocence taken away. Like it was never supposed to happen if sin had never entered the world.

But here's the good new: there's a heart reconstructor. You know, God created you in the first place. He knows where the lost pieces of your broken heart are. And better yet, He still knows what He made it with, so He can still make the whole thing over if He has to! He's still got some heart material hidden somewhere lol. 

Jokes aside, God KNOWS how to make you over. You don't need to drag your trauma like a ball and chain. Of course things can mature us in a positive way, but to let it haunt you forever isn't from God. You're not doomed by it. There's another exit from this - let Him reconstruct you into the person you were always meant to be (and are). 


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