Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It's aaaaa.....

Check out these ultrasound pics and take a guess:

Adorable, right?? And did you find a pee pee anywhere? I know, it's hard to see much (these are actually pictures of the pictures :), but even the technician couldn't detect any boy parts, which meeeans...

It's - most likely - a GIRL!!!!!

I say most likely because turns out my fluid is low (it's Andrew's fault! He loves my bottle of water, so I have to hide it from him and end up not drinking enough), that's why the images weren't too clear. The meanie technician wouldn't give us 100% certainty, but then my midwife said it must be true because she wrote "female" on the chart, and according to my midwife, she only does that when she's 100% sure. So I'm giving myself permission to think that yes, I'm having a girl (especially since babies' pee pees tend to stick out pretty well :). At least we're having another ultrasound in 3 weeks (after I drink truckloads of water) to recheck the fluid, so by then I should REALLY know. 

Now, after all this long explanation lol, I'm still digesting the news. I felt like it was a girl since I found out I was pregnant, but then my mom dreamed it was a boy, and it's amazing how often her dreams come true. So I started to prepare myself psychologically for it - and now, turns out it's a girl!! I have to reprogram my brain again :). 

This is how I'm feeling - like somebody told me that I'm either going to the beach or to the movies on a Saturday. I'd choose the movies, 'cause I'm more of an indoors person, but when I suspect it's the beach, I put my bathing suit on and start getting excited. But then they tell me we're going to the movies! Of course I'm happy 'cause that's what I hoped for, but I feel so completely unprepared. Like, now I smell like sunblock! :) Translated to having-a-baby terms, I haven't imagined having another girl lately, or planned for it enough. I feel like I need to catch up!

Anyway, I'll get there lol. Right now I'd better go to sleep so I can keep up with my already born children tomorrow. Please leave a comment to let me know you stop by!


Betsy St. Amant said...

So excited for you!!!!

Cor van de Water said...

Jay! Congratulations Anne and David!

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