Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mom's Barbershop Strikes Again: Andrew's 1st Haircut

I had this whole grand idea of when Andrew would get his first haircut. I'd research to find the very best kid-friendly salon in town, preferably one with fun car-shaped seats. And if all failed, David would hold his arms down like a straight jacket lol. I had my mind prepared for every scenario. But as much as the worst was the most obvious, I still believed in a magical haircutting experience. 

Ha. Well, for starters, we didn't even get to the salon :). My hopes of Andrew being able to go through this were shattered every time someone he's not used to gets too close. ANYONE. When we're at a restaurant, waiters can't even take our order behind him. That bad. He starts panicking, and if they attempt to interact with him, the world ends. He SCREAMS. Like "get me out of here, this person is TALKING to me! I'm gonna die!"

Now, Andrew's not a fearful boy. He's actually very daring on the things he does want to do - often falling head first while trying to reach something down below, or if we're holding him and he wants out, he simply jumps off of us - as if he could fly :). We have to catch him mid-air lol. So he's not a wimpy kid at all, he's just determined. Like he'll let you know if he disagrees on something (such as socializing if he doesn't feel like it). And he'll get his point across with the strength of a warrior (meaning, screaming bloody murder). 

Oy. Wondering how that's gonna play out in his teenage years :). But so far, while he's an adorable, cuddly boy, I'm enjoying it. He can be a very peaceful and sweet baby if he's not fighting for a strong ideal lol. So back to the haircutting milestone, I was hoping for THAT kind of baby to come out instead of the warrior one. 

Here I am, calling him a baby again :). So weird to think of him as a boy already! Anyway, this week his hair was so long that it was curling down his neck (sorry, should've taken a "before" picture), and he's far too manly of a boy to look like Curly Sue lol. But when I announced we couldn't hold off on a salon visit any longer, David reminded me of all of his fits whenever anyone he didn't know very well got too close. There was this waiter who was SO nice (he could've been a TV host for a kids show), but Andrew got terrified of him. It was embarrassing, 'cause the poor guy couldn't even pass our table to ask how we were doing! Andrew would change from a good mood to WAILING just for sensing his presence. The odds for a hairstylist didn't look promising. 

I knew what I had to do. During snack time, I armed myself with a pair of scissors. Daddy and Melissa were great distractors, and Andrew had a great time! I doubt this would've gone so well had we gone to a salon. Though it probably would've looked better (or you never know, if he screamed too much they might've cut his ear or kicked us out lol). And you know one funny thing? I did the exact same thing I'd done when cutting Melissa's hair for the first time (cut bangs too short - which seems to be a family tradition, my sisters and I all went through this with my mom :), but since he's a boy, it worked! 

A snack and a haircut!
Did my best on the sides :)
Still cute with his mouth full
Enjoying the spotlight
Who's this big boy where my baby used to be??

So this was our haircutting adventure. Any fun stories to share? Or styling tips? :)


Jen said...

He looks so handsome! I'm STILL procrastinating on taking Molly to get her first haircut...

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