Tuesday, February 26, 2013

16 Weeks Random Happenings

After trying to figure out a direction for this post, I decided it didn't have any lol. So I'm just going to write what's going on with no intention of order/making sense. Read on if you dare:

- I miss my baby. You know, the one in my belly, that I don't get to hug or kiss yet. Isn't it crazy? You'd think, don't you have enough kids to hug/kiss? :) Well, somehow, I need to do that with this one too! It's kind of unfair that I have to feel the discomforts of carrying him/her but not their limbs lol. Never thought I'd say that this early, but hey, according to thebump.com, our baby is now an avocado with arms! And that's rockable, right?

- Speaking of baby getting bigger, I'm happy to report that the fluttering has officially turned into kicks! I mean, it's still fluttering most of the time, but once in awhile I feel a "tumble" (like he/she tripped and fell with legs up in the air :). So not like strong, intentional, "get me out of here" types of kicks that you get later on, but more than swimming for sure!

- I'm also happy to report that my efforts to keep the kids TV-free (at least before naptime) have remained. It has NOT been easy on days that I feel pregnanter and more tired, but now it's a matter of honor lol. I guess I shouldn't have blogged about it! :) But seriously, this is a rare non-intentional progress I've made as a mother, and I don't have the courage to let the kids go backwards on their TV-addiction freedom at this point.

Less TV = more time to examine daddy :)

Table meals together = secret to weaning them off of Nick Jr!
Now, on to another abrupt random subject change: whenever I google "having three kids", I come across posts from moms saying how depressed they were while pregnant with #3, or how they can't get as excited as they did with the first two because they worry so much about the logistics.

And it's funny, I've always been the neurotic type, but somehow I don't share their sentiments at ALL. I think what killed me in the 1st pregancy (when I was anxious most of the time) was the newness of it - the fear of not knowing how to be a mom. With the 2nd, I feared not knowing how to be a mom of more than one kid. Now I'm like, bring it on lol. Like, I KNOW it's possible to adjust eventually even if you're completely overwhelmed at the beginning. The first 3 months after Andrew was born I had a breakdown almost everyday, wondering how I'd EVER be able to manage those 2. But the wonderful news is that kids grow up! And it does get better with time. 

So there you have it! My directionless post that comes from the heart. Please leave a comment so I know you've endured it to the end :)


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