Thursday, February 7, 2013

13 Weeks - The Worst is OVER (Well, Except for Labor :)

My 6-months-looking 3 months belly

Pregnancy updates are hard for me. I envy women who can give a report of their every hormone flunctuation, actually remember/write down their vitals at check ups and display them proudly. Really, I do. Because even though this feels like TMI for me personally, when it comes to other people, I don't mind it at all - even enjoy it.

But I've noticed that the "pregnanter" I become, the more private I tend to be. Not sure why - maybe for the fact that there's so much going on inside me that I have little energy left for the outside world.

Regardless, I shall honor my commitment! I said that in this pregnancy, I WOULD blog often and allow myself to celebrate/document it. So here we go:

First thing to report - 2nd trimester is AWESOME. Not that I feel awesome all the time (nausea is still a close and annoying friend), but energy has improved a lot. I'm not back to my pre-pregnant self, of course, just a thousand times better than my 1st trimester self. Back then, every inch of my being HURT. Constantly. Didn't matter if I went to bed at 9, or if I napped in the afternoon. Even after several hours of sleep, waking up ALWAYS felt like you pushed me VIOLENTLY out of bed at 2 in the morning after I'd gone to bed at 1 and had the flu lol. THAT horrible. 

It's a wonder the kids got fed/clean at all those 3 straight months. Geez, it's a wonder I got fed/clean! On the upside, I did lose a whole bunch of weight! All for being too nauseated/tired to eat. At my last midwife appt, my weight was the same as the beginning of my 1st pregnancy! So I think it was all worth it (you know, besides growing a baby :).

Now, I'm a new woman. I'm even afraid of my next weight check, because I can EAT. That is, if the food happens to be one that doesn't make me sick - which is still somewhat of a challenge to find. But when I do, I get SO excited that I just want to eat it forever.

Oh, one special thing to report - I think I felt the baby move the other night!!! I know, most of you are prob thinking it's gas, but I did read in several preggo websites that it IS possible for 3rd time moms to feel it this early. Plus, gas doesn't go "tap tap tap" like tiny little feet and then a roll. I felt like a whole peach with legs was alive inside of me lol. It was awesome.

So here you go. My 13 weeks and a day update. That wasn't as hard as I imagined it to be (although I did edit it a million times). Please leave a comment so I can gather up the courage to do this once again :).


Carla Laureano said...

Why am I just now finding out there's another bun in the oven??? Congrats! I'm with you, I never managed to document either pregnancy well, but especially not with the second baby, which was a pins-and-needles-hold-your-breath-and-pray event for the first 35 weeks.

So, keep the updates coming!

Betsy St. Amant said...

Great report!! Just peachy. ;)

Luysa Freitas said...

lindo relatório! Mesmo sendo a terceira gravidez a impressão que passa é a sensação não é a mesma... que agora é outro momento, não só pelo fato de ter duas crianças pequenas em casa...
Adoro ler seus textos e minhas amigas também! Então, espero o próximo!!

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