Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Babies Outside of Me - Melissa (Or Mini-Me)

Remember when I said on the last post that I'm getting used to Andrew's little-boyhood? I think I'm trying to figure out Melissa's big-girlhood as well. She USED to be a little girl. The kind that could easily be distracted by shiny objects lol. Now, it's not that she doesn't like them, but if it's not THE shiny object she's looking for, forget it!

Maybe the thing that scares me the most is how much alike we're becoming. She likes her little routines, just like someone I know :). Her pillow has to be at the right spot, and she has to have the right blanket. And if her "plan" for the moment somehow cannot be, it's BREAKDOWN time. Now, to an outside looker (or someone who doesn't suffer from the same OCD tendencies), it can just seem defiance, or being spoiled. I can tell you, from experience of having been an emotional child, that it's not simply that. Like me as a little girl, she needs those familiar things for security. She FEELS things too much - which also makes her loving as can be when she's not in turmoil. Melissa tells me, her dad, Andrew and often even the dog how much she loves us several times a day. LOVES to hug, kiss and please. BUT she does get hurt easily. Hence the tantrums that happen when whatever she's really counting on isn't going to happen. 

This doesn't mean, of course, that discipline isn't in order. I am guilty of getting overly frustrated when she won't let something go. And obviously, the angrier I'd get, the more emotionally distressed she'd become. It takes ENORMOUS self control of my part in order not to let her reactions get to me and just be firm, yet loving. Conveying the message, "everything's okay, the world isn't ending - but you still have to do as I say." That's tricky! :)

If you read the previous post, have you noticed yet how different Andrew and Melissa can be?? She's sensitive and delicate, he's daring and active. I mean, she's active too, just in different terms. I think that's why they still get along so well (most of the time anyway). Because despite their distinctive complicated ways, they're both still FUN.

* stay tuned for a preggie  update in the very near future!


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