Monday, March 28, 2011

Too Tired To Think of a Title

THANK YOU guys for all the encouragement on the last post! Even though I know it wasn't because of my popularity - most were from a wonderful site called The Lady Bloggers that happened to host a "tea party" this weekend (meaning, blog hopping), and I happened to be the first one there! So for awhile a lot of people only had me and a couple of others to visit haha.

Anyway, I'm still grateful. My sister just left this morning, and now our place feels so empty. Especially since she helped take stuff out of the floor A LOT :). I wish I could have her over every week.

We had a great time walking around the mall, Target, etc - you know, those places that husbands have allergies to. It'd been SO long since I'd had a true girly weekend. Way before Melissa ever came to existence, for sure.

But now it's time to face reality, as well as my total and complete EXHAUSTION. Being a girl is tiring! Those stores are really long. I feel like I ran a marathon everyday for the entire weekend.

I've been trying to continue with my writing projects but it seems my brain muscles are also exhausted. I honestly can't discern what's a great idea/sentence and what's crap. So sorry if this post is crap. I really couldn't come up with anything better.

Oh yay, hubby's here!! Happy happy joy joy. So off to a night of hibernation and high sugar intake. Tomorrow we might not have "Too Much Mom Tuesday", just because I try not to post every single day. And my brain needs to de-fry a little bit until I can start to make sense.


Ms. Blasé said...

"So sorry if this post is crap."

One man's "crap" is another man's version of a great post :) I enjoyed reading and am so glad that you were able to do some girly stuff this past weekend. I think that the pic is excellent (the four of you), but now I see you have posted another! Either way, you're pretty photogenic, so does it really matter? :P Get some rest! (I think I may have to do the same. I'm still mentally and physically exhausted from the drive this weekend and don't really feel up to posting. Maybe tomorrow. *yawn*)

Good night, lady.

Betsy St. Amant said...

Very cute pic! Glad you had fun :)

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