Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Baby & The Chores

Oh, the dilemma every mom (especially stay-at-home ones) face: must I attend to the baby or to the chores? Clean the poop or the toilet? Oh, so many hard choices!!

Of course the poop always wins priority - after all, our baby/kid is a live breathing thing, and we do love them more than our house (and definitely more than the toilet). But what must a mom do when said house reaches a desperation point of we'll-all-have-to-leave-if-the-mess-doesn't-go-away? Well, there are a few options:

Sit and Cry
And eat something fattening. Then cry some more because you're fat. Check.

Freak Out
Run around like a human broom/washer, cleaning and fixing everything in sight. Some women can really live entire lives doing that, and they're really happy. I wish I could. Be happy doing that, I mean, not do that per se. Check (never lasted long, though).

Read Good Housekeeping Magazine
Must convince brain that "cleaning is good". "Cleaning makes you attractive and brings flawless family moments." Check (yeah, right).

Face Reality
This is the option that I'm in - which seems to be the only one left. Facing the reality that the kid is not going away, so might as well find a way to do things with her. And stop telling myself that I'll just get to it when she sleeps. Who am I kidding - that's when the computer needs me.


Anonymous said...

Maybe as a splurge, why not hire a cleaning service and let them dust and mop while you put your feet up and relax! You deserve a break!
- jen R.

Jenny B. Jones said...

My house is always in desperation mode and I don't have a baby as an excuse. A little dirt's good for us. This is what I tell myself...

Jenner said...

I can relate! I'm a new follower, directed here from the Lady Blogger's tea party.

MommaBear said...

Our house is like a tornado hit it - what's worse, I work full time and have gotten into the habit of blogging... I found you via Tea Party btw!

Carolina said...

I think it is an issue all of us face... moms, dads, working, non-working. It is the probelm of there only being 24 hours in the day... and we need at least a few of those to sleep! I'm a working mom, which means that 9 hours a day I'm NOT at home, leaving me less time to clean, cook, and hang out with my son. Not saying that I have it better/worse than anyone else... I was a SAHM for over a year, and it has its own unique challenges as well.

I guess what I'm saying is that, for me, it is about choices. I'm going to choose to go hang out with my son for a couple hours, and let the dishes, the yard, and the blogging all just wait for a litle while. They can wait, but he's going to be all grown up before I know it!

Ms. Blasé said...

Thanks a million for your comment on my blog. And don't apologize for the "sermon"... it was just what I needed. I literally started fighting back tears as I read it because I'm still so raw from last night when I was praying and crying out to God. I'm still in a fog right now, still trying to make sense of things... because currently everything feels scattered. Trust me, I was really trying to write a happy post, but it just didn't come out. My true feelings got all in the way and, well, you saw the results. Thank you again. Really. Your words meant more than you know :)

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