Saturday, May 4, 2013

What Not to Say to a 3rd Time Preggo On Her 3rd Trimester

25 weeks and looking much nicer than I am in real life :)

If you read the last post, you know I'm a little out of it, so bear with me. Things that used to bother me just a little bit or even amuse me now annoys me a LOT. In fact, I think I spent most of this pregnancy so far pretty cool headed, as far as preggos go. I kind of knew what to expect from people's reactions, so didn't waste time thinking about it.

But now, that I'm on full-blown nesting frenzy, my patience is thinner. Which is not to say I'll automatically associate such annoyances to their perpetrators - if I love them, it doesn't make me love/trust them any less. I understand people have no way of knowing how I'm feeling and I've been guilty of making careless comments to preggos as well. So I'm not angry at anybody in particular, I'm just ANNOYED (and will prob continue to be so until this baby comes out).

So here we go...3 things to never say to a woman pregnant with her 3rd child, especially on her 3rd trimester:

You're pregnant AGAIN?? How can you possibly handle ALL these children?? Ok, maybe people don't say this with every word, but every REALLY surprised reaction, followed by a comment on how I'll have SO many kids, sounds like that to me. Without meaning to (I hope), you're offending my abilities as a mother. And just as well, my ability to decide what's best for my family. If you can't see yourself going beyond 1 or 2, good for you. It doesn't make me crazy to want more! Think about it - wouldn't it be annoying if I came to you like, "I can't believe you're NOT pregnant"??

You THINK this is your last?? I actually heard this from a lady who was just passing by me on the way out of the nail salon. She asked (like EVERYBODY does) if it's my first (since I look like a teenager), and expressed the usual shock I get whenever I explain that it's my third, and yes, I do think I'm done. After gasping at my lack of 100% certainty, she went on to warn me that they're a lot of work (as if I've never had a child). Listen lady, if I have 10 kids, it isn't any of your business.

WHY are they so close in age?? Oh my gosh, if I have to come up with an explanation for this again, I'll shoot myself (or somebody). Because we WANTED to. Stop looking at me like I'm a freak. I'm not making YOU change the diapers.

I know these questions are all pretty much a variation of the same one, but I have to hear them over, and over, and over again. In the first months, I even laughed at this subject, calling myself a "baby making machine", but now I'm kind of tired of the joke. YES, I am about to have 3 little ones, and it feels just about right, thank you. If you act like this is the end of the world as we know it, then you have not known the wrath of a nesting, hormonal and swelled up pregnant woman.


Cindy Major Bleier said...

You look amazing, Anne! I know you will be a wonderful mother of 3!

Vanessa S. said...

Spot on Anne! When I tell people that I have a boy and a girl, sometimes they say something like, "Oh, how perfect! Are you done then?" and then they act surprised when I say no, which I think is weird. Hello, kids are awesome! I like to start talking about Michelle Duggar and her 19 kids at that point - and how great I think it is that she has all those kids. Hehe :)

Anne Prado said...

Aww thanks Cindy!! So good to hear from you! And Vanessa, SO glad I'm not the only one annoyed at this lol. Since when did 3 become such a huge number??

Kimberly Farmer said...

Those comments would upset me too, Anne! You would think people would consider that God DID create us to have children and we ARE able to have them as little as 9 months apart. If we couldn't handle that, God wouldn't have created us that way. I think you're doing it just right! I've battled with if we should have 3 and right now I don't think so. But just hearing about you having 3 makes me jealous. :)

Kimberly Farmer said...

Those commennts would upset me too, Anne! I think you're doing it just right! Hearing of you having 3 makes me jealous! :)

Chasing Joy said...

Congrats on your 3rd. People just don't know how they sound sometime.

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