Saturday, May 18, 2013

Family Pics & Nesting Drama

Ever wish there were more hours in the day (or at least more energy at the end of the it)?? I've been like that for awhile now. The bigger Holly gets, the more desperate I feel to prepare for her, at the same rate that my time seems to be shrinking.

Still, we're getting there, slowly but surely. Like by ordering wall art for Melissa's room, Andrew's room and their playroom:

It had to be wall stickers - Melissa jumps so much in her room that anything 
hanging would fall off! (like the ceiling lamp once did - THANK GOD no one was hurt)

Celebrating our only boy

Those two NEED this one

Cute, right?? If only we ever had a chance to put these up. We've gotten stuff for Holly's room over 2 weeks ago, and haven't even come close to starting it! Life's just been crazy. Not only the usual keep-the-kids-alive crazy, but busier with both mine and hubby's work. Yep, you read that right - I work now! Well, sort of. I've written a few articles for a local magazine, and while I LOVE it, it does take up a lot of the little free time I had. Then, when hubby comes home, I'm wiped out and hope he'll nest for me lol. Which of course never happens, not because he doesn't want to, but his schedule has also been tough, so he's wiped out himself.

It can make me so depressed thinking of ALL we still need to accomplish in LESS THAN 3 MONTHS before Holly comes. But today I'm deciding not to let it get me down, as it doesn't help my energy level one bit. Instead, I should celebrate the fact that life has filled up (being paid to write is awesomeness). I keep telling myself, "we'll get to it, we'll get to it." Because we WILL. Or my name isn't "super-nesting pregzilla" :).

On a more relaxed note, guess what will happen in a week and a half?? We'll have a 4D ULTRASOUND!!!!!!! I'm so excited, but trying not to think much about it or else the anticipation will drive me crazy (noticed yet how I'm not the most patient person in the world?). Can't wait to post the pictures here!

But while those don't come, check out our latest family pics:

27 weeks and 4 days! In a dress that kinda makes me look like a monk

The girls (all 3 of us)

My huge little guy

A parent's life - trying to have a moment, until a kid's head shows up lol

We give up - let's just grab everybody :)


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