Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Last Preggie Days - Living It Up!

I'm 29 weeks today - and, coincidently, it's the last week until I'm 29 years old! (Sunday) So what better way to celebrate it than to dive into my craziest nesting mode?? :)

I started on Friday, in a childbirth class at the hospital (wanted to freshen up my memory since I'm hoping for VBAC next time). They had 3 door prizes, and since we were one of the only 3 couples, we all grabbed something. Now you'll never guess what we got: a CAR SEAT!! I mean, true, it is sort of boyish, but hey, you can't have it all. This was a major item on our list, so I can't believe it's already taken care of! The only thing is, we'd actually thought of just having Holly use Andrew's and get him a new one (he's comfortable, but could already fit in a bigger one). So now I guess these plans have been postponed lol. Well who cares, we got a freaking car seat!!!! :)

At home, we put the kids down for a nap and David surprised me with the idea of him going to check out one of the minivans he saw online. We'd been a one-car family since right after Melissa was born, and our cozy (nice word for TIGHT) compact served us well until recently. Not only Holly coming brings the need of a bigger one, but also the fact that the kids are growing and we can't all just be cooped up inside the house every single day until Dad comes home. 

So the incredible happened: after months and months and MONTHS of talking about this like a huge, complicated task, we decided to just do it. Now we have a minivan!!!! I love it so much I could cry. I'm even a better driver in it lol, because it makes me feel safer, and it's a million times more comfortable than our other car. We'll just have to be extra careful with our budget (a challenge now that I can go anywhere anytime I want :). 

Now, the weekend progresses didn't stop there - Holly's room FINALLY got started!! It's not done yet (still need to fix some wall paper/paint edges), but will post a picture when it's finished. Now my next challenge is to wash and organize the LOADS of Melissa's baby clothes (and some sort of gender-neutral from Andrew). With at least 4 or 5 trash bags full, we might never have to buy clothes for Holly at all!

It's such a HUGE relief to see things moving along for her arrival - it means she really does exists lol. Because you know, even with kicks inside my belly, it's still surreal to think of having a 3rd kiddo. Another thing we did this weekend was hang door signs on the kids' bedrooms, and whenever I see all 3 of them I'm like, "wow, we have so many kids!" It's daunting but not in a real bad way - kinda like the feeling you get when you're about to ride on a roller coaster :).

Melissa's sign is a lot like her - girly yet spunky

Our only true Texan kid (so far) has SO much the adventurous cowboy personality

Holly's door :)

Stay tuned for belly shot + possible nursery shots + HOLLY'S 4D ULTRASOUND PICS later this week!!


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