Monday, October 31, 2011

I Forgot I Was Pregnant...

...and spent WAY too many hours making cupcakes AND a cake AND a hot dog sauce (Brazilian recipe) for Melissa's 2nd birthday party. I must be crazy. First 'cause I remember how much just making cupcakes for her 1st completely wiped me out - how could I think that doing more would be okay 7 months pregnant?? At the time of the party, I felt like I'd been ran over by a truck a couple times and a half. And, mind you, I did NOT feel like eating any cupcakes or hot dogs. Another thing about cooking all day is that it can kinda turn you off to whatever you're doing - and that's when you're normal, let alone pregnant.

Anyway, my invalidness aside, it did turn out to be a really nice party, and Melissa LOVED it. So different than when she was 1, and cried hysterically when seeing her guests, then spit out her cake and was only interested in a banana. This time she's a giggling, dancing, socializing and balloon loving toddler. After the kids attacked the cupcakes, we turned on the music and they all danced frantically in their sugar rush. It was so much fun to watch. I almost forgot my belly had become so tight from standing all day that it seemed like I was about to give birth.

But I survived. And I'll post pictures soon - I forgot my phone at home (the party was at her grandparents'), and hubby's asleep, so I'll have to get the pictures from his phone tomorrow. We did bring a regular camera, but we're yet to find the cable for it after the move. Grandma and auntie Anne (yep, my sis in law and I have the same name :) also took pictures, and they said they'll send them to me.

So for now, all I have to offer is this post, to document my utter exhaustion and warn all preggies of the world to please, please, take it easy. Even if you don't feel it at the moment, your body will get back at you later. I've been in pain ALL day today, and really wish I'd just gone to Walmart instead of getting all romantic about baking my daughter's cupcakes.

You know what's strange, though? Even though it's been getting harder with my growing belly, Melissa's growth has been a great source of entertainment. She talks SO much right now, knows how to communicate what she wants, has a great sense of humor and often thinks I'm hilarious. The day the new nursery dresser arrived, I did a little happy dance and she laughed so hard she puked lol. She always asks me to repeat it from time to time (and hasn't puked again - not from that, at least :).

Now that both hubby and girly are asleep, I'm having some me-time, still EXTREMELY sore but feeling like life is coming along as it should. Tonight we obeyed my Target craving (I wasn't sure why, just knew we needed to go, and hubby was wise enough not to question me :). There, we bought some groceries and - wait for it - a double stroller!! SO excited. I knew there was a reason for us to go.

I think my body's discomforts are causing the nesting feeling to kick in. I'm more aware of how pregnant I am and how this baby can come before we know it. Technically, I'm almost 29 weeks (will be on Thursday), but according to a recent ultrasound, the baby's measuring about a week and a half in advance. That explains a LOT - I'm definitely feeling like I'm past the 30th week! My stomach's tight more often than not, so this seems more and more like the final stretch.

Anyway, I'd better get to bed so I won't pay the price AGAIN for my careless actions tomorrow. Will post Melissa's party pictures as soon as I get them and feel like I can type a decent post. 'Til then, prayers are appreciated that my regular strength Tylenol will receive supernatural powers from above!


mark said...

I Can't believe you are 7 month pregnant, doing all those things to prepare for her party AND STILL finding time to blog! How do you do it?

Anonymous said...

You're in the home stretch now! Looking good, sweetie! BTW, I owe you an email or two...

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