Monday, November 14, 2011

The Princess & The Fetus

While I grow exponentially and try to keep our place - and my sanity - in decent condition, Princess Melissa sits on her throne, just enjoying being 2.

I'm kidding, of course - it's rare that she stays still enough to just be there. Usually she's all over the place, playing with her toys, or giving us her toys and demanding we play with them for her diversion. I know I sound 'complainy', but really, it's a lot of fun to have a 2-year-old. Everyday she says something that I had no idea she'd picked up (like "I think so" or "that's amazing!"), and I feel like we've been able to connect with her even more now that she's maturing into a little person. My baby's long, long gone. Well, at least that one :).

Speaking of the 2nd, I've been bonding more with him too. It's kind of impossible not to, now that whenever he moves, my belly follows along. Like I have a built-in baby carrier, and it's really annoying that I don't get to see the child I'm taking everywhere. I even miss him already, as if I'd seen him outside of me before.

Last Thursday I completed 30 weeks, but judging by my last ultrasound, he seems to be measuring 2 weeks ahead, so that means I FEEL 32 weeks - which is 8 MONTHS!! So surreal. And he jumps around so much that it's like he's trying to find his way out. When he kicks downwards, I almost expect to find a foot coming out of me. It's like, how much more can my skin take of this?? I don't think I'm too thick skinned (in all senses lol).

Now, joking aside, I am really excited about being near the end. This Sunday will be my baby shower (double yaay), then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Year's, then....Andrew!! :) All these happenings can easily overwhelm me if I'm not careful, but this time around I think I'm more aware that my occasional crappy mood can be caused by a myriad of things other than the world ending. I don't think the first time I was as aware of how hormones or just the constant discomfort affected my outlook about the day. It's still a constant battle, but this time around, I can definitely say I'm happier. And when I'm not, Princess Melissa usually commands I get with the program.


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