Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happiness is a LOT of Work

<- It's not easy to maintain this cuteness.

If anyone has wondered why I haven't posted much (and I hope you have), here's why: brain overload. Not the bad kind, but mostly the kind that actually gets you so excited that you feel like you need a break for a week to recover.

And I'm NOT saying life right now's all about excitements - there's also a fair share of breakdowns, uncertainties, and even boredom. But even in moments when time seems to be moving slowly, my mind's so full from the latest transitions that I have a hard time relaxing it enough to think of an inspired post. So you're stuck with this one :).

Well, on to it, then - here are the latest excitements that have me feeling like I got run over by a truck:

Third Trimester is Here
Can you believe it? Didn't I JUST become pregnant? Seriously, the speed that this is going is both exciting AND scary to me. Like, I only have 3 months now, if that much. According to my last ultrasound, the baby's 2 1/2 pounds and might be sitting precisely on my intestines (which explains a lot of random "I'm about to have this baby right now" runs to the bathroom).

I'll Have Baby Shower
I know, I didn't count on it! For several reasons - many don't believe a second pregnancy's supposed to have a baby shower, but more like a "meet the baby" party after he's born. And besides, we just moved here, and David's family has done so enormously much for us that I thought it'd be too much work for them. But my awesome mother-in-law told me they wanted to (yay!), and then I had the idea of having it at our new little place AND using it as an excuse to cook some of my favorite Brazilian food! Will let you know how that'll turn out, of course... Prayers are appreciated :).

Melissa's 2nd Birthday's Around the Corner
Next Saturday! And the most amazing thing is, this time we get to do it with just family. This would've been impossible in CA, since we didn't have any living close by. Of course our church friends totally made up for it, but it's just so special to have it with the people that love Melissa the most, second only to us. This year's theme will be Dorothy The Dinosaur (from The Wiggles), with whom she's in love with. It might seem random for the people here though, as I haven't seen a network that has their show, but hey, there will be cupcakes. Everybody understands the language of cupcakes :).

There's more to report, but I don't think y'all will be as excited as I am with the new changing table/dresser waiting to be assembled, or the fact that we can now see the dining table (having eliminated most of the boxes). So I'll spare you. Will come back though, with pictures of Melissa's party, and maybe even a belly shot!


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