Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Disappearance of the Pregnant Lady

I'm SO SO sorry for abandoning this blog for almost 2 weeks!! So I put together a little FAQ - not meaning that people actually ask me these questions frequently, but that I imagine it might cross their minds. And if you think they don't, please don't burst my bubble.

Q: Hi, Anne! How come you haven't blogged as much as before?
A: I'm pregnant.

Q: Oh, okay. But what about facebook? You rarely post, and when you do, it's about some bodily function.
A: I'm pregnant.

Q: I understand. In real life, though, why do you spend weeks without socializing?
A: Um, because I'm home, barefoot and pregnant.

Q: Also, about your posts. Whenever they do come - which takes FOREVER - they're just about how tired/nauseated you are. Isn't there anything else going on in your life?
A: This blog is mostly about motherhood, so I'd rather not go on and on about my plans to become a movie star and then end world hunger. Which is going to be a little harder now that I'm PREGNANT.

Q: C'mon, it can't be that bad. Don't you have such a cute daughter? For sure she's an endless source of posts.
A: She would be, if I wasn't PREGNANT with a nauseating child.

Q: I give up. Is there anything else you have to say for yourself? Please don't mention any medical conditions.
A: I'm sure that, somewhere deep inside me, there's still a well of deeply imaginative posts waiting to be posted. And one day, I might throw them all up at once. It will probably be when my TWO kids start kindergarten. But no guarantees - chances are, by then I'll be PREGNANT again.


Erin Wallace said...

Awww. I remember feeling that way. Go put your feet up and make you hubs rub them! Following from Lady Bloggers hop. Hope to see you at Dropped Stitches ;)

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel good soon. You could try lavender scents and lemon scents (separately, not together) to help the nausea go away. Have you read anything by Marsha Marks? "Flying by the Seat of My Pants" was super funny and kept my mind distracted from the bad stuff for a few minutes. Plus the chapters were short, so it was easy to pick up and put down.

Steph said...

Speaking of pregnancy...:D Do you remember what week you started to show this time around? I'm into my 7th week, and I'm not feeling too many symptoms. I'm also battling a cold, so I feel pretty crummy. I am having issues posting as well, but it's due to an overall lack of interest.

Bloggin in PA said...

hehehe I love your answers to everything! I will have to remember this! (why dont you want to do the laundry? pregnant! why dont you want to clean the bathroom? pregnant!) hehe

Run DMT said...

LOL That was really cute and cleverly written! It's so true. Those first few months of pregnancy are a bear. And the last month is no joy either. Hope you feel better soon!

T Byrd said...

as someone who is not a mother and does not have plans to be one this post was very amusing and I think accurately capture the sentiment of what us on the outside may think from time to time...

incubating a human can't be sooo hard LOL riight.

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