Friday, July 15, 2011

In This Pregnancy, I Promise...

...not to wait until laundry becomes a 4 load monster that I have to wreck my back to tackle; give myself permission to feel miserable, without letting it make me miserable (all mothers - or all women who ever had a period - probably know what I mean); maintain realistic expectations about parenthood and the whole process of having a child, which are so, so far from Parents/Fit Pregnancy magazine covers;

...not to wait till I feel 100% social to see other humans, BUT, not to push it as if I'm a helpless isolated nerd if I don't; smile before I think of complaining of something (it always sounds better that way); laugh at my own invalidism; allow Melissa to make me laugh even though I feel like I'm about to puke on her head;

...not to imagine the worst scenario, EVER - unless for child protective purposes;

...not to use chocolate as a medication (but not make it the forbidden fruit either); truly believe I'm glowing like people say pregnant women do;

...not to freak out that I already have another kid to care for, but think of it as the proof that I've done it and survived.


A Little Sweet said...

I love your comic. I sent a link to my pregnant neice so she could read, at the very least, the comic. It is perfect! Good luck on your pregnancy, enjoy every flutter and tumble that baby makes. :o)

Ms. Blasé said...

"...allow Melissa to make me laugh even though I feel like I'm about to puke on her head"

Who knows? She may find your puking on her head even funnier!

Stay strong, lady.
Still praying for you :)

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