Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Random Mommy & Baby News

Random Mommy News:

I'm happy to report that, after almost 10 months of motherhood, I've FINALLY had my first (successful) pants purchase. I mean regular pants, that aren't even maternity ones!! WOOHOOO!!!

I've tried a few since Melissa was born, but they always felt funny, and/or killed me at the waist everytime I sat, or breathed. But I couldn't believe how comfortable these felt! I got them at New York & Company (and should probably charge them for the advertising):

I wish I looked this fabulous on them, but they did look MUCH better than my worn out pregnancy jeans. I'm SO happy I won't be wearing them at Melissa's 1st birthday!! I'm 2 sizes bigger than I used to be though, but they fit, so I'm not complaining!

Random Baby News:

If you've been reading my blog, you know that Melissa's picky self will NOT tolerate any formula. Not even an ounce in like a million ounces of breastmilk; nada. And this has been making me nervous about transitioning her to cow milk when she's 1, wondering if she'd ever take that. BUT I found this wonderful new formula for older babies:Which doesn't smell gross like the other ones! I mean, not as gross, but it looks and tastes exactly like Leite Ninho - the brazilian powdered milk my sisters and I drank when we were little. So true to her mom's genes, Melissa drank it! I was SO, SO excited, thinking I'd start my boob-freedom even sooner, until she threw the whole thing up. WHYYYYYYY????? It was too good to be true. I called her doctor (not because of that, but because she'd been puking on us often - sorry if TMI), but I mentioned that and they told me to try again in a week, that maybe her stomach just isn't used to it. Wouldn't that be wonderful?? So please send your prayers and happy thoughts!

The random news are now done. I could have other random stuff to talk about, but I must save material for other posts. Leave a comment if you read this far!!


sicie said...

Yippee - progress for mama and baby! How many times per day does Melissa nurse now?

Stephanie said...

I hope she does get used to it within a week. Is it normal for a mommy to taste the milk and formula before giving to baby? I don't think I could stomach it.

Kudos on finding jeans that make you feel good. I know I won't be in my "pre-pregnancy jeans" anytime soon after birth. I'm just wider now.

Anonymous said...

Well done! We should go shopping together sometime. :-)
- jen

Anne Prado said...

@ sicie - about 5 times... But I should start cutting it little by little, because they say she's supposed to be getting more used to real food. But it's SO much easier to put her down for her nap nursing! I don't even know how else to do it!

@ Stephanie - I didn't really "try" (like take a gulp out of it), I just took a little bitty pinch of the powder into my mouth. But that was only because it looked like my childhood powedered milk - I'm not brave enough to do it with other formulas! :)

@ Jen - yup we should! Are you free next week's friday??

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