Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hello... Is It Me You're Looking For?

When God sings you a song from the 80's

Not too sound cheesy, but everybody is looking for something, aren't we? It's like we're always under the impression that if we get more - success, acceptance, things, or in my case, sleep - we'll be happier. And then, when it doesn't work, we wonder if that means we're supposed to get even more than what we thought.

I confess I'm an eager mother. I have to remind myself to just enjoy the way Melissa is right now, and not just dream of when she grows, or how much cooler it would be if I could buy her more toys. Why is it so hard for us to just chill and be happy?

Aside from the "Life Motto" on the right of this page, I haven't said anything about my faith. But now, I thought it would be the time to change that. I want to tell you why I believe those verses - and what keeps me sane through the craziness of motherhood.

A lot of people go to church or call themselves Christians for different reasons. For many it's a matter of tradition; they're looking for that nice family time, for a chance to stop and think happy thoughts before they start their week. For others, it's a guilt issue. They think that, if they don't go to church and pray and all that, they'll go to hell. Maybe they're looking for acceptance, or security.

But it made me laugh inside when I thought that God might be singing to all of us: "Hello, is it Me you're looking for? / I can see it in your eyes / I can see it in your smile [or lack thereof] / You're all I've ever wanted / And my arms are open wide / 'Cause [I] know just what to say / And [I] know just what to do / And I want to tell you so much / I love you."


sicie said...

I never thought I'd get spiritual inspiration from Lionel Richie, but it works!

Tiffany said...

God and 80's music--ha! I always wonder what it would be like if Jesus were on twitter!

Anne Prado said...

@ sicie - neither did I, but it cracked me up when I was praying at night and this song came into my head :).

@ Tiffany - haha good one!

Sharlene T. said...

Hello, from Lady Bloggers... lovely post... I used to do this with my Sunday schoolers... take popular songs and show the spiritual relevance... I think it's what in your heart that makes the music sing to your soul... thanks for sharing... when you need a break, come visit... now, I'm off to check your other posts...

Twitter: SolarChief

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