Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Save Me From My Crazy Baby

I don't know if this last trip wrecked my baby or if it's just a natural phase, but all I know is that I don't know what to do with her anymore. In my last posts, I felt so confident, like I got this parenting thing down, but now, I feel (almost) as clueless as I did on the first days. Okay, I exagerate - nothing is as hard as those first days. But it's still not easy.

Ever since last week, Melissa's been clingier and pooping like there's n tomorrow. I was so happy she hadn't leaked her diapers for ages, ever since we started solids, but that's not the case anymore. She's constantly pooping, and constantly leaking. It's green too. Experts out there, what does green mean?? I heard it's normal to come out green every once in awhile, but it's almost always green! I'm calling her doctor's office tomorrow to see if she has herbal diarrea or something.

Another thing that I'm yet to get used to is her new mobility. She's just discovered she doesn't have to stay upright when I hold her. She can also reach for whatever's on the floor, and I'll, of course, become a contortionist to keep her from falling. She even came out of the exersaucer that way, supporting herself with her two little hands on the floor as she dived down! Oh my goodness, how am I supposed to contain this person??

I'm trying to hold her more so she won't smash her head somewhere, and what does she do? Puked and peed on me. And that's just on the past few hours. When I try to nurse to calm her down, she bites me. Really hard! I tried to give her some formula but now she has a will and won't have any of it.

Any experienced moms out there to give me advice? Words of comfort?? Free baby sitting services?? :)


Leanne said...

Augh - sounds like you are having one of those days. Hang in there - this too shall pass. It seems like you'll be going through this stage forever, but don't worry, she WILL grow out of it. My daughters would always be clinging when they weren't feeling well (and some cold/flu/bug would hit them shortly after the clinging episodes.) The pooping might be a sign that she has some bug in her and she's working it out - and possibly teething, too. Poor baby has a lot going on at this stage!!! But, remember to hang in there! You'll both be fine in no time at all!

Anne Prado said...

Thanks Leanne! You're awesome. I know, I need to remember it will pass... And she is a lot of fun - when she's not biting me or I'm not wiping her poop/puke :).

KG Style said...

There will come a time when her behavior will change just try to be patient as much as you can!

The pooping - you did the right thing by calling the doctor - she might have a stomach virus or condition so it's best to get it checked out!

Her wanting to flip all over the place while she's in your arms, try not carry her so much. They are at an age when they don't want to be carried anymore - unless you're crossing the street. Make the house safe so she doesn't go running for the hills and sticking forks into sockets but let her explore.

Stephanie said...

Awww - I think Leanne is right. I won't encounter days like that until next year. I have two dogs though that seem to choose the same days to vomit all over the house and chew on rugs at the same time. Things always seem to hit all at once.

Anne Prado said...

@ KG - thanks for the tips! She does seem to want to be carried though - she's clingier than ever - but she just wanted to wiggle around constantly :).

@ Stephanie - oh boy good luck to you with them when your baby comes home! I can't even handle a well behaved dog right now. But then again, I've never been dog-talented :).

sicie said...

Sounds like you are getting lots of exercise! Hopefully this won't last long!

Anne Prado said...

@ sicie - the exercise is being "compensated" by all the chocolate I've been needing :).

Luysa said...

Anne , Como É Seu blog legal ... adorei ! Poise , Como É Difícil hum ter em casa Bebê E não ter nenhuma Noção do dia de Amanhã né ... e Como se Aprende ? Olha , (...) Não se Aprende ! rs DEPOIS de Luana Completar três anos Ainda me surpreendo com Tantas novidades Acontecem que ... FORÇA ! Voce consegue ! Como semper duvidas surgirão , TEM jeito não ... Mas pense positivo ! Nenhum Bebê Próximo , VOCÊ vai Tirar Tudo isso de letra ! Beijo !

Anne Prado said...

Luyyyysa, que maximo te ver por aqui!! Brigada pelas palavras de conforto hehe - pois e', tem dia que parece um sonho ser mae, e tem dia que e' um pesadelo :). Mas pelo menos no proximo bebe eu ja vou saber que e' assim mesmo ne! Beijoooes!

Ashley Sisk said...

Hey Anne, thanks for stopping by. It looks like you've got your hands full with this one. I don't have any babies yet but I've babysat enough to see some green poop - and it is pretty normal but disgusting! It's just a phase. I spent a week with my 15 month old nephew who was once a sweet smiling baby. He's still smiling but on the war path! Get some rest.

Also, if you have any photos that you want me to touch up, feel free to send them my way. I haven't done one in a while, but I used to love doing Before and After challenges with my baby blogging friends. Have a great night!

Long-Winded said...

I came over from the Tea Party! I really enjoy your blog!

PS - my mom is Brazilian - from San Paulo (I spelled it the Americanized way)

Anne Prado said...

@ Long-Winded - what is your blog?? I couldn't access your profile!

How cool your mom is brazilian!! How was it to be raised by one? :) Do you speak any portuguese?

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