Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Found Something Better Than Chocolate

Believe it or not. What's been helping me emerge from my mommy funk is not this wonderful creation by Hershey's:

Though, of course, it deserves its honorable mention. But tonight I've miraculously forgotten to have my dose of it to do something even more soothing:

PLAN MELISSA'S BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now I don't even have to feel like an overly eager mom anymore. Because though I might be overly eager, this Thursday Melissa will be 9 months old (crazy!!), so that will officially make me not a crazy person to start ordering stuff! :)

So in celebration of this moment, I've been thinking of these past months since her birth. I am a new woman. A new, more tired, and more overwhelmed woman, but misteriously happier. The possible reasons might be:

Less Time for Drama
I still have issues, but now I just have less time to focus on them. So this leaves me blissfully ignorant of anything wrong that would've made me freak out before.

I Joined a Club
Before you have a kid, you never understand the unspoken feeling of camaraderie that a parent feels seeing another deal with their own child. It's an instant bond that used to take me years to make.

Breaks Are Shinier
Of course I had many more breaks before, but they weren't nearly as exciting. Now when I have some time by myself or with David it feels like vacation. I know this might sound depressing to childless people, but I tell you, it's a blast.

Selective Memory
Maybe because the days go by like a blur, I only remember the good stuff. When I tell people how hard it is to have a child, I myself get surprised of how I'm still alive and functioning. But it doesn't feel like it's hard - it feels like Melissa erased my memory and now I'm left just worn out and happy :).


Reluctant Writer said...

Hi Im stopping by from the Lady Tea Party. Playing a party is fun. Everyone needs a break. Thank goodness for selective memory lol. Have a great sunday.

Lynn said...

Those first few months are rough, but isn't it amazing how fast the time flies by? That bumblebee birthday stuff is so cute - you'll have so much fun planning her birthday party - I know I did!

Stopping by from the LBS Tea Party! Have a great day!

TIGHTWAD said...

Love the choco nuggets! Those are v. good, I agree. Stopping by from the LBS.

Danielle said...

Time flies. This will time will be over before you know it. Nothing like a good break and a little chocolate to breat up the monatony!

Stopping by from LBS!

Kelley said...

I LOVE planning parties, and there's nothing more fun than to plan your little one's big bash!!! Your theme is absolutely adorable!!

Stopping by LBS Tea Party!

Heather said...

Oh I'm right there with you! My son is just about 6 months old. I better get on it! We have three kids. The birthdays are in November, January, and February. Eek!

Heather, stopping by from LBS Tea Party

Anne Prado said...

Thanks guys!! I've enjoyed your blogs!

Mandi Miller said...

Raising a child is hard but you are so right, we moms have a selective memory! The good times are SO AWESOME and come so much more often than the not so good times. I love all of it!!
Happy early birthday to your daughter! It's not too early to start planning! I started when Maddy was nine months too!!

Shanna said...

I am looking forward to that selective memory!

Antara And Sunvi said...

Haha! Love that! I too am a chocolate lover but planning my baby girl's birthday is the ultimate fun for me! And she isn't even 5 months old yet =)

Anyways I enjoyed your posts so I'm going to be following you...hopefully you can check out my blog and follow as well.


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