Sunday, July 18, 2010

Beautiful & High Maintenance

That's what Melissa was called by the lady from the kids' class at church today. She stayed there the entire service for the first time - Halleluja! - but only because this nice lady decided not to interrupt us during Melissa's grumpy mood.

Now, does this look like a high maintenance girl to you? No, it looks like the most adorable little girl in the world. That's what she is - and that's probably what keeps us maintaining her high maintenanceness. And it's also why the lady said in the same breath that she's beautiful, sweet, demanding and knows what she wants (a nice way to say "picky").

So after church, I told David this, and he said (after cracking up) that he thinks she got that from me. What?? I mean, I'm flattered with the first part, but I didn't know my pickyness had reached a point that it would be passed on to the next generation.

Ok, I knew it could happen, but I just hoped she'd become the carefree and flexible person that I'm not. I think I've grown a lot with motherhood (and life), but I still do like my comfort zone very much. As I said on the last post, I want Melissa to be better - and more daring - than me.

So now we're wondering, with her also active nature, if this means she'll become a pretty & high maintenance cheerleader. Only time will tell. At least she got dad's coordination skills.


Krystyn said...

Too funny. I often call my girls high maintenance, too. I'm not sure where they get it.

Classic NYer said...

You know, my girlfriend's kids (my "neice and nephew") are pretty high maintenance themselves... but then again, so is my girlfriend...

Anne Prado said...

Haha good to know I'm not alone! :)

sicie said...

haha... David is so right! I can attest as the older sister to the mom.

Anne Prado said...

@ sicie - Ah! Et tu Brutus?? :)

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