Monday, July 12, 2010

Jet Lag Ramblings

<- Melissa was NOT this peaceful most of the time!

We're home! The trip was a blast, a hassle, a dream and a nightmare, all at once. Melissa was slightly scared of her surroundings, and doing everything more because of it - nursing more, whining more, and even pooping more. Seriously, every time we'd check her diaper she'd be overflowing. Sorry if this is TMI, but this is a motherhood blog after all.

Despite of all of this though, we did have a lot of fun. I don't have that many chances to see my family anymore, ever since we got husbands and babies. Major highlight - we got to swim on a lake! How "Summer-y" is that?? We even went inner tubing!! I mean, who am I?? I'm like in a middle motherhood crisis or something :).

On the way back at the airport, I got one more sign - among a billion - of how Melissa's changed me. Instead of grabbing my former favorite magazine Glamour, I grabbed Good Housekeeping. I know, how Doris Day of me. Not that I've reached good housekeeping - I bought it because I yearn for it.

So this post doesn't really have a point, it's just me saying I'm home and that when I recover from jet lag I'll produce a much more interesting post. Or so I'll try.


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