Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Weighting Game

<- 17 weeks!

So I finally took some more belly pics - after over a month from the last ones. I know, I know. I'm neglecting this baby (or pregnancy) already.

With my first one, I think I took pictures every week, documented almost everything and even promised myself I'd do the same the next time. HA. The innocence of someone who doesn't have a toddler.

But this post isn't about the pictures. Is about how delusional apparently I am with my weight situation.

For instance: at 12 weeks, I thought I was HUGE. Not belly huge, but neck, chin and arms. But apparently I was doing pretty good - the doctor's scale said that I'd lost 2 pounds. They looked at me with concern, but I was like, woohoo! How long can we keep this up without harming the baby?

So lately I've been feeling the opposite of how I did in the beginning - hardly notice any double chin, and even thought I was losing more weight. Well, the last appointment showed that I've gained said 2 pounds. It might be the bacon and eggs I eat frequently for lunch (what can I say, baby NEEDS protein). And yes, I've tried every other kind of lunch imaginable, but it seems that if I don't inject ridiculous amounts of protein into my veins, I literally CRASH around 3 (precisely the time Melissa's waking up from her nap). And when I say crash, I mean have rapid breathing, extreme weakness until my eyes get so heavy I can't open them anymore. Plenty of times I let Melissa call for me just for a couple minutes, so I can close my eyes briefly to pretend I'd taken a nap. Which makes me feel guilty now that she's been so good about sleeping for 2 whole hours.

Speaking of that, I'd better go check on her. I leave you with a couple pics of my latest preggie footage (and Melissa, of course, had to steal the spotlight :).


Steph said...

I thought I was doing really great but put on four pounds since I discovered my positive pregnancy test. I don't feel fatter or thinner in other areas. I'm totally hungry or the thought of things disgust me. My naps have been pretty well timed during B's naps. I've been eating Egg McMuffins (homemade) every morning. Lots of ham and cheese and eggs. I can't get enough milk either. I need to get my butt moving though. I just can't find the energy.

Betsy St Amant said...

You're too cute and don't worry about weight. Just be healthy and follow your cravings (sometimes) and enjoy it! :) I know easier said than done and I'll stress over weight too when it's my turn again but for now, listen to me! lol

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful, Anne. Don't stress about the weight-- just think of it as extra soft padding for the baby. ;-) I gained a whopping 56 lbs during my pregnancy and looked like I was carrying triplets towards the end, but I don't regret it at all. Eat what you like, rest when you can, and enjoy every moment! Love you.
-jen R.

Ixy said...

Hi Anne - you look fantastic! Like Jen R, I gained 58 lbs with my daughter, but so far this pregnancy I'm gaining at half the rate I did last time (even though it's twins!). I do regret gaining so much weight last time, but delivering the baby was a great weight-loss tool for me - I lost 35 pounds without even trying in the first 4 weeks post-partum. I was so full of water my husband used to poke my feet to laugh at how they stayed indented. If you're trying to eat reasonably healthy food and portions, it all works out in the end.

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