Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Too Much Mom Tuesday: Have You Arrived?

<- There's no perfect stop! :)

I guess my last post could've been a "Too Much Mom" post, couldn't it? I talked much more about style than motherhood (even though it was somehow related). But today I want to talk about something that I think everyone could relate to, mothers or not.

Do you ever feel like you've "arrived"? Do you have those moments that you think, "I'm living the dream"? Not to say that you ever fully arrive - there's always something else to achieve, thank God. Or else life would become boring.

But I'm talking about the other extreme. About restlessness, and feeling uncomfortable in your own shoes. Do you ever feel proud of yourself? You know, you should. I'm 100% positive that everyone reading this has grown in some point of their lives, and has something now that seemed like a distant possibility in the past.

I mention this because I have come to the conclusion that this restless feeling never fully goes away. Some of my non-mommy friends might look at me as if I have arrived and they haven't. But I look at them thinking of how they don't need the pounds of concealer I wear under my eyes, and how they can just go anywhere anytime. I also have single friends who might get the idea that having a family means everyday is a fairytale. Trust me, life is NEVER perfect. And if you're not content now, a husband and a kid won't make any difference (as much as it might seem like it would).

The people closest to me know that I've always had to work on being content. It becomes a habit to only see what didn't work out - even if it's minimal - rather than what did. And then that seems to start a domino effect, making everything else fall apart too. You know how some days when you drop something on the floor, and then it keeps happening again and again?

It's the same with our attitude. A crappy thought attracts more crappy, self-loathing thoughts, until you've successfully spoiled everything you had going for yourself. And what you didn't, well, you're too crappy to notice. It hasn't been that long since I've realized this, and it's made a world of difference since then. I watch my thoughts like a hawk. Not that I've ever arrived - of course not :) - but I've come a long way from allowing one bad moment or one thing that I don't have to keep me from enjoying what's around me.

I'm sure each of you live pretty fabulous lives and don't even know it. For a second, don't think about what you want to achieve; think about how much you wanted what you have right now. That diploma, that job, that child or that independence. If you really think about it, you know you got it going on :).


Kyle and Court said...

Hear, Hear! =)

Ms. Blasé said...

"Do you have those moments that you think, 'I'm living the dream'?"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Are you kidding me?!! If I weren't in my cubicle at work right now, I'd be rolling on the floor laughing. To quote one of my favorite bloggers (mommyusedtobesopretty.blogspot.com/) "Girl, please!"

Concerning the rest, been there, done that, and still going through it. Each day really is about holding every thought captive and examining it in the light of Scripture. One can never do this too much or become lax because subtleties (subliminal messages from the media, our own poor self-esteem and the devil) have a way of creeping in bit by bit and brainwashing us without our even being aware of it.

I wish you'd shout this message from the roof tops because I literally had an ex-college roommate friend (who recently had a baby with her husband) tell me that in all the years she's known me, I've accomplished nothing. NOTHING. WHAT?! Nevermind the fact that I graduated with honors, painted backdrops for a renowned theater, got a job on Capitol Hill, flipped three homes and wrote screenplays, novels and songs. All she saw was that I didn't have a husband or child which, in her eyes, were the symbols of "having arrived."

Everyone's "arrival" is at a different destination. Thank you so much for implying this and for reminding us that we all currently have so much to be thankful for.

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