Friday, May 13, 2011

Do The Write Thing

<-Picture my friend Jen took on her phone after I told her the content of this post (please ignore the paleness :).

I think most bloggers are aspiring writers. Or at least just like it as a hobby, which I wish was my case sometimes. That way I could concentrate all of my writing energy here and create amazing posts nearly everyday. And this blog is such an amazing outlet for me to vent about motherhood that I never want to abandon it.

But the thing is, when I have an idea for a story, that's ALL I think about. I have to convince myself to stop obsessing over it long enough for me to sleep. And it's even harder not to use every single free minute on it, which can ultimately wear your mind out until you can't write anymore. But you're still addicted, so you end up just staring at the screen a lot.

This is the first time I'm ever mentioning my writing struggles on this blog, so I think this is progress. I just figured that instead of disappearing whenever I'm immersed into a new project, I could just be honest about it. Maybe this will encourage some other writing-addict out there. Who knows.

I also always thought that I'd have to be published to be comfortable telling people I actually write. But you see, turns out in September, I'll be attending this awesome American Christian Fiction Writers Conference in St. Louis, so I think I should get used to it. There, I'll need to be able to sell what I wrote and know how to talk about it. I still don't want to reveal my newest plot here (still developing it!), but at least I'm confessing my addiction. I write. What's yours?


Ms. Blasé said...

Yep. Writing's pretty much my obsession too, so don't feel bad :0) As a matter of fact, I'm tired right now because I spent the last two days working on personal literary projects.

Currently, I'm only editing a composition, but, like yourself, when I get a great story idea, I think about it night and day... which is why I keep paper in my handbag, bookbag and on my nightstand.

Congrats on taking the mega-step of venturing to that writer's conference! I checked out the site and it looks great!! I'll look forward to the post about it.

In the meantime, take a gander at CreateSpace by (, which allows authors to self-publish and sell on their site as well as other book retailers's sites. That's how 26-year-old indie writer Amanda Hocking got her start after being rejected by countless publishers. Now, thanks to some of those same publishers taking notice of her self-published work a year later, she's a multi-millionaire.

Here are some links about Amanda and others like her:

Jenner said...

That's a gorgeous photo. And you're right with me, anyway, I am an aspiring writer. My 710 pages are completed and I am waiting on some book proposals that I finally sent out last week!

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