Thursday, May 19, 2011

As a Mom, I Wonder...

<- What goes on into this cute little head?

I never liked to put up a front of "super mommy". If somebody reading this ever thought I did, it was completely unintentional. And I'm flattered you thought so :).

As hard as it is to be a parent, I think it's even harder to try to look like you're perfect at it. Or to even believe there is such a thing as the "perfect" way to parent. That said, please don't judge me when I reveal some of my own questionings.

Do toddlers NEED pajamas?
First let's define what pajamas would be. Comfortable clothes? But isn't that what she's supposed to wear all the time anyway? Or what, is she supposed to wear a tutu during the day? So my only way out of this dilemma is to put her in jeans when we go out (with a cute girly top, of course). At home, she lives in pajamas. Whatever that means.

Why is TV the Devil?
I don't understand. I know we're not supposed to just leave 'em in front of it and play with them as much as we physically can, but eventually, I'll wear out. If I had a full time job, it'd be required by law that I take a break every so often. Why doesn't the same thing apply to stay-at-home moms?? And sometimes, if you don't turn on the Wiggles, your child is NEVER going to let you take that break.

How Much of a Germaphobe Should I Be?
When our babies are small, you want to wash the world around her with boiling water. But at 18 months, honestly, I've lost hope. If I were to freak out with everything she sticks in her mouth, I'd live in a constant state of alarm. Now that I think about it, I kinda do.

How do I know She's REALLY a Prodigy?
Melissa is fascinated with music and singing. She's also unusually (I think, since I never had another kid) nice and polite. She says "please" and "thank you" for almost everything, and I don't think I even seen her mad at a playmate, ever. She might get mad at us if she doesn't get her way, but whenever a friend throws a fit, she just looks confused, like it's not in her genetic make up to fight. Okay, I already know the answer to this question (of course she is :).

How do I know I'm REALLY Doing it Right?
I think every parent asks themselves that. I know she's happy because of her constant jumping and dancing, the huggies & kisses she gives me, and how often she wants to snuggle. But if a child specialist came over to evaluate my performance, I'm afraid I'd fail. This suspicion haunts me whenever she falls from one of her crazy climbs, or I think I've broken her heart forever because I was writing when she wanted me to chase her. It's SO hard to feel like you've done it right ALL day. So I just hold on to the fact that she's happy. And that's all the matters, right?


Jenner said...

I could have written this post myself. I agree with everything that you said here. Right down to my kid living in sweats and wearing jeans only when we are going out!

Echo said...

I'm with you, if I get my kids into actual clothes, they ask where we're going! I don't even get out of jammies unless i have to. I'm on my 3rd kid so I no longer freak out about what the baby puts in her mouth. Plus she's 14 months old now. And she's a monkey too. She climbs on everything!

Ms. Blasé said...

"She's also unusually... nice and polite. She says "please" and "thank you" for almost everything, and I don't think I even seen her mad at a playmate, ever."

It sounds to me that this is simply her personality... which is awesome! Of course, time will tell, but it seems like this might be her natural disposition. I've personally come across very few babies who are inherently calm, but when I do it's a blessing. During my nursery duty shifts at church, it's always easy to spot the laid-back babes because they play, but eventually separate themselves from the routy kids or just stare at them. In general, they're a lot quieter than the others, which makes for a much easier time for us adults :0)

Seriously, just be glad you didn't get an inherently mischevious kid with an evil streak who, even as an adorable little toddler, enjoyed locking up their sibling in rooms, beating them up and not sharing. (Yes, I'm talking about me.)

hilljean said...

Oh my gosh.. Totally! Are they eating healthy food? Are they too big? Are they too small? When do I potty train? Breastmilk or formula? It goes on and on and on. You nailed it! New follower from Lady Bloggers Tea Party

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