Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Melissa Report

<- My poor attempt to cut bangs... Glad she's too young to notice.

Sorry, I've been a bad, bad blogger - but Melissa rarely lets me sit down these days.

This post is kinda (a lot) random, but I just wanted to publish a report of where she's at lately. Yes, it is bragging, but it's also a way to organize information for people who keep asking me how she's growing (family, of course - I don't think friends have that much patience to hear).

So here it goes, what Melissa's accomplished so far in her almost 15 months of life:

Words: mama, dada, nana (for "banana"), yes, yeah, no, hi, bye, ball, duck (these last four are hit or miss)

Abilities: fast walker, starter climber, master living room, kitchen & everywhere else destroyer

Favorite cartoon (yes, I let her watch 'em, don't shoot me): Veggi Tales, or anything with music (she's going to be a singer, mark my words)

Other stuff: drinks water from a cup, sings herself to sleep (baaaabaaabaaa, zzz...), has a serious addiction to cheerios (hence the present state of our carpet), wants food all the time (not necessarily to eat), wants to explore our place all the time, talks in baby language with entonations and punctuations, and demands hugs and kisses often.

This is my kid, in a nutshell. How's yours?


Vanessa said...

She's too cute! I can't believe she's doing all those things already. It seems like just yesterday you were bringing her home from the hospital!

Tina said...

She is so adorable! I had to chuckle at the bangs...I gave my daughter that same kind of trim when shew as a baby. LOL I felt so guilty about that. But you're right, at least they're too young to realize it. I have a 12 month old granddaughter now and vowed never to get near her hair with scissors. Her mommy is going to Cosmetology School now...thank goodness! Found you on Lady Bloggers.

Mommyfriend Lori said...

Aww, I think her bangs look adorable! And Veggi Tales, I adore them!

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