Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ready for Baby!!

Holly's bassinet for our room (before she graduates to hers :)

Sorry, I've been MIA - actually, I'm not that sorry because it turns out a break from the computer has done me well. The "pregnanter" I've gotten, the least patience I had to share stuff online. The least patience I had for anything, come to think of it :). I'm blogging right now not because such patience has returned, but because I thought I should give a quick update, just in case there's someone out there in the world who cares enough to check my blog lol. 

So here's to the good news: my midwife just gave me her blessing to go into labor!! I'm shocked, relieved and just a little bit (or a lot) nervous. It was the last thing I thought she'd say. I remember in my last 2 pregnancies, at around 36 weeks I'd be the one begging for it to be time, and everyone would look at me like, "don't be silly, you still have a LONG way to go". But now she pretty much urged me to exercise and get the ball rolling, probably because I'm only allowed to try for a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) until my due-date. The exciting thing is that she said I'm measuring ahead (should've asked her how much but didn't - was so surprised!), so according to her, if Holly was born right now, she wouldn't go to the NICU and would do just fine. Isn't it awesome??

Since receiving this life-changing tibid of information, I've been in a nesting frenzy (as much as I can with my waddling self). My back hurts so much from cleaning the house - if only my belly could hurt as much, then it'd be perfect lol. I get lots of aches and pains, but nothing regular yet.

Gotta go now as typing is still not the most comfortable thing in the world (and my brain seriously cannot process much more than GETTING THIS BABY OUT :). My guess is that next time I post will be just after the baby's born, so please pray with me that it'll be soon!!

ps: I've been having some problems with the images on this blog...too long and frustrating of a story to explain. But at least the latest/newest ones should work!


Alice said...

You look prettier all the time!

Luysa Freitas said...

Anne!!!! eu leio todas as as atualizações do blog!! adoro!!
Acho muito legal a forma como se expressa em relação a gravidez e a vida cotidiana!
Vai dar tudo certo! Deus te abençõe!

Jen said...

wow, she's almost here!! I'm wishing you a good, positive VBAC experience with a healthy baby girl at the end of it all. please send me pictures as soon as she arrives!

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