Saturday, June 29, 2013

Excuse Me, Pregnancy, I Need a Moment... make my kids' breakfast without morning sickness (yep, it's back); blog without feeling like I'm giving birth to the computer lol (even a Mac Air puts too much pressure on my thighs now - hence why this will be a short post); prepare for the baby's arrival (how on earth am I supposed to do that AND be 8 months pregnant??); watch TV and surf the net at the same time like the good old multitasking days (without any dizziness/blurry vision); stay in ONE POSITION for more than a minute without pain somewhere; have an entire conversation minus annoying braxton hicks/painful jabs/wondering where the nearest restroom is; stop peeing!!!!!!! play with my kids without freaking out over my achy belly (while both attack me like mini-football players); watch my kids eat without fearing the next mess/fight (when I'll need to bend over AGAIN);

But how cute are they?? write something non-child rearing/procreating related on facebook (sorry, my brain cannot process much beyond that right now); end this post with something more clever than I WANT THIS BABY OUT!!!!! :)


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