Monday, January 21, 2013

Preggo With My 3rd for the 1st Time :)

11 weeks micro-bump 

Yes, people of the world who didn't know it yet, it's true: baby #3 is coming up! And it's coming with a vengeance lol - lots of nausea, exhaustion, and all that good stuff. Means he/she's a good one, 'cause he/she's a LOT of work to make!

What's funny about being pregnant for the 3rd time is that everyone reacts to it differently than your 1st. Sometimes it's not even much of a reaction, but more of a knowing nod, as if they already know you produce babies lol. No news here :).

I myself always thought that, by the time I'd expect my 3rd, I'd be such a pro that I wouldn't be as emotional about it as my first two. WRONG. I'm a mush ball, maybe even bigger than before. Now there's 3 reasons for me to tear up! And another surprising thing is that it truly does not feel any different excitement-wise than the other ones. Hence my title - it might be my 3rd, but with this one, I'm pregnant for the very 1st time!

So let me count the ways that it's easier this time around:

- No Fear of Labor
  Talking about it actually gets me excited! Which was NOT the case ever before. Now, my body's like, if I hadn't died from it twice, bring it on! :) I just can't wait to try things I haven't before, and am more curious about how it'll turn out (since my first 2 were so different) than afraid of it.

- No Need for Baby Shower
  With my first, I agonized over the possibility of no one throwing me one. With my 2nd, less so, since I wasn't even sure I'd be allowed to have it, but still hoped I would (not for gifts but for celebrating-baby purposes). Now, it's SO good to honestly not even have it cross my brain! I feel so been there/done that about the whole thing. Celebrating with a prenatal massage when I'm big and miserable sounds just fine.

- Not As Much Time for Bad Preggo Habits
  Like eating junk food (can't afford to lie on the couch afterwards in an eternal sugar crash - have kids to chase!) or just plain feel sorry for myself. Whenever I lower my head in defeat, my oldest nudges me and says: "Are you happy, mommy? I think you need to go to the dobtor!" (yes, with a "B") And then I can't help but smile :).

Now, not all is perfect... Here's my list of things that are a lot harder this time around:

- Processing The Pregnancy
  It's not just lack of time that's against you. It's also people's perception, who already see you as a mom and don't baby you as much anymore. It's your husband who's got his hands full with 2 little ones (which is nice enough of him) and therefore, no hands left to massage you. With all the noise in the house, it feels like every wail is responded to, except the one from the poor mother who just needs one freaking day get the picture. 

- Avoiding Strenuous Activity? What's That?
  If I had a dollar for every time I heard this from a nurse AND could comply to it, I wouldn't have any dollars :). It's amazing that it doesn't matter how many times I explain to them that I have 2 children who cannot grasp such concept, they still tell me not to "lift heavy stuff", or call them if it hurts real bad. Ha. When you have 2 1/2 kids, you gotta work through the pain, sistah. 

- Finding (New) Pregnancy Material To Read
  Why does everything have to be from the never-gone-through-this point of view? What about the rest of us, who have a whole new set of challenges now? Don't our bodies change differently? We could also use advice about how to re-adapt to new family dynamics. Should't there be a book called "Ooops, I Did It Again" or something?

I don't mean to be a downer - I AM super excited about this child. Imagine that! It seems like every blog post I read on the subject talks about how panicked they were to have a THIRD (oh the horror), as if more than 2 was just for the procreating-obsessed people lol. Which I think is SO unfair! And which is also the reason why I decided to blog regularly throughout this pregnancy, just like it's my 1st. I'm as thrilled about it as I was then, or maybe even more, since now I know I can go through heavy-duty motherhood and live to tell the story. Will it be hard? I have no doubt. But instead of dreading, I actually feel proud of myself for making more adorableness, and for our family to have come this far.


VanessaS said...

I fully expect "Oops, I Did It Again" by Anne Prado to hit the bookstores soon :)

Anonymous said...

3rd one OMG...Good bless you .

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