Sunday, January 27, 2013

How to Survive a 1st Birthday While Pregnant

- Include chocolate. Yes, making the 52 mustache cupcakes for Andrew's party almost did me in. BUT it would've been much harder if they were not chocolate! Especially since I used Kandee Johnson's recipe, which is super moist, light and awesome. 

- Don't Cry. Much. I mean, when the foil balloons you ordered online then fought to have filled out at the local grocery store fly away in the parking lot. Yes, it'll make you feel like sobbing all the way home, but don't! It'll ruin your make up, and there are pictures on the way. Plus, you'll be driving, and the best gift for your child is a live mommy :). 

- Let people hold the birthday boy. Part of my mom-guilt during the party is that I felt like I should've been playing with him the whole time. But honestly, after baking all day, and then having a frustrated grocery shopping experience, I felt SO thankful for family members who just took him over. Special thanks to grandpa, his favorite person in the world (Andrew never wants me when he's around - except when crying broken hearted when he thought grandpa was telling him "no" lol)

- Post pictures on Facebook. I know you're tired and the last thing you want to do is sit in front of the computer, but do it. In pictures, your day will look flawless, like your feet don't hurt from all the standing and you didn't make twice as many cupcakes as you needed to (and could've saved much energy/sanity). No, there you'll only see the adorableness of your child tasting his first cupcake, and the proof that you've reached the milestone of now having a boy instead of a baby.

So maybe it's ok to cry, just a little :).


Anonymous said...

Love this! Happy successful birthday Mommy :)

Betsy St. Amant said...

Everything looks great. :) You did an amazing job!!!

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