Friday, August 17, 2012

And I Thought I Had This "Having 2 Kids" Thing Down...

...but I meant the kids I had last month. Who are these crazies today??

Don't get me wrong: I have the 2 best kids in the world. Andrew's a super mellow baby, sleeping through the night and everything. Melissa's as sweet as can be - she loves to hug, kiss, say "I love you", and even has no trouble saying "I'm sorry" when she does something wrong. Sounds like perfection, right? Well, let me tell you, life with 2 kids is NEVER perfection. 

My day starts with Andrew screaming in the monitor, and by the time I'm going up the stairs, I can hear Melissa having a breakdown also. I don't know why both kids have to wake up like life's ending and they're gonna be left there forever, but that's how it goes. Oh, and meanwhile, the dog is howling too, demanding food, freedom, and, most of all, ATTENTION. 

So the plan of attack is: feed dog. Go upstairs, grab bigger kid, sit her on the potty with a toothbrush in her mouth, grab baby next door, find a way to assist Melissa out of the bathroom while a VERY hungry baby wiggles in my arms, go down the stairs without dropping anyone, grab some easy snack for Melissa, tell her for the millionth time she can drink water on her own (she's been asking for us to give it to her like a baby), sit down at the couch, nurse Andrew, change him, give him some love (all the while Melissa's munching and/or torturing the dog), and then stick him into his bouncer. 

JUST THEN I can start to think about getting my own breakfast, careful not to make any brisk moves in order not to remind Andrew of my existence. And as I'm trying to fix myself something, Melissa's whining about the snack that's gone/the dog that bites/her leg that's itchy/the list is endless...

Tired yet? Well, I'm not even mentioning the little "diversions" in between, like cleaning up as I go, laundry and Melissa's latest habit of NEEDING a hug whenever I pick up the baby, or NEEDING to go to the bathroom (even if she just did) whenever I give Andrew any sort of attention, or NEEDING period. Seriously, sometimes she doesn't even know what to ask for, but wants to whine just because. She goes, "I need, I need, I need," and stops, because she doesn't even know what else to say. 

Andrew's growing up too (and NEEDING more too lol). If I'm having fun with Melissa, he makes the cutest I'm-feeling-left-out face and fake-cries to me. I remember what it was like to be the youngest sibling and feel like everyone's having fun without you, so I grab him and end up sandwiched between them both. Then, Andrew pulls Melissa's hair/kicks her/annoys her somehow, Andrew decides he's not in nursing position enough, and we're back to square one. It's very, very rarely that I can make us ALL (including me) happy at the same time.

My point with this post isn't to bore you to death, but to explain to the world why this blog has been neglected. Yes, they do nap (THANK GOD), but I've been working on other writing projects, and just sitting and writing about being a mom (which I already live out so intensely :) has taken a backseat. This isn't the end of this blog though! I still adore it and plan to give it some more attention in a couple of months. But for now, y'all will have to bear with my few spurts of mommy-stress reports here and there.

I do have a couple of started posts that were never completed (on updates on our family, or about being a stay-at-home mom - for working girls contemplating it). Let me know if there are any other topics you'd like to read about! It'll be a good incentive for me to keep coming back. That is, if you still want me to lol. 


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