Monday, May 28, 2012

Postpartum Clothing Crisis

<- At least there's always a kid in front of me :)

Is it any wonder that, after being pregnant for almost 2 of the past 3 years, now I don't know what to do with my unpregnant self?

NOT that I want to be pregnant again, but I'm honestly not used to this amount of freedom. Ahem, as much freedom as you can have with a toddler and a nursing 4-month-old. The thing is, though, I don't know how to dress myself in non-maternity clothes anymore. I even get upset when something turns out to be too baggy, 'cause that means I'll have to find the equivalent in regular size, which never ends up well.

Here's my problem in the non-impregnated world: my vision is distorted. It's ridiculous how my size estimates are off. LOTS of things have grown. And then, others (by the Lord's grace) not so much. So I find myself in this in-between size, where I'm not a Lane Bryant girl just yet but definitely graduated from anything beyond the "woman" (meaning, "we-put-an-S-instead-of-an-L-just-to-make-you-feel-better") size.

So I think there should be a store called After Baby or something, where you can buy nursing friendly everything, and clothes that are like, XL on the bust, M+ (WHY isn't there an M+?? Sometimes neither M or L will work) on the waist, L on the hips (with soft fabric to accommodate your C-section) and M on the legs. See my problem? I'm like a multiple personality case. It's IMPOSSIBLE for me to shop anywhere now.

This store would also have cute short (and comfortable) heels, which are the rarest things to find. It's like the world thinks that you either want to be on the ground or climbing over HIGH, never-have-to-chase-a-kid (or move) heels. I've already bought some cute flats, but you know, sometimes you want to feel a bit more put-together. So I have to wait 'till the kids are off to college and I'm not running around anymore to wear a decent pair of shoes??

Sorry, if this sounds like a rant, it is. And no, I am not seriously thinking of opening up a store. I've worked in retail before, and don't think I have the gift for it. I just miss being in a defined state in life (very pregnant or before I ever got pregnant, during a healthy phase when I even went to the gym). Now, I've given up trying to go on shopping sprees for extra cute stuff and just purchase whatever "works". Isn't that how the first frumpy mommy was born?


Jen said...

I think "After Baby" is a GREAT idea! I'd have shopped there last year, that's for sure.
As far as your shoe dilemma goes, how about cork wedges? They're cute and comfy, and they come in all different heights.
I miss our shopping trips!

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