Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'll Be Late For Christmaaas.... can count on thiis... (from "I'll Be Home For Christmas", if you can't tell.)

That's how I feel about this Christmas. Like "I'm late, I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date" (from Alice in Wonderland - aren't I full of quotes today :). We got our tree only a couple of days ago, and even though it's just after Thanksgiving, I still felt like everyone else had a tree, but us.

Another "lateness": pictures!! We haven't taken Melissa's 1 year old professional portrait like I'd planned (she's already over 13 months), and we haven't even gotten close to taking our Christmas card picture. Christmas cards, by the way? I'm pretty sure we should have had those done and sent a long time ago. We've already started receiving from friends, and I feel SO bad (but not bad for receiving them, so friends, please keep sending! :). I'm SO behind!!

Oh, one more "lateness": Melissa's birthday thank you notes. Ha. I think I was supposed to send those like the week after. Right now, I've pretty much blocked it out of my mind, 'cause I have a million other things to worry about that I haven't even mentioned here. So if you came to the party, you might have to be content with the gift of our friendship.

Speaking of gifts, at least all Christmas' ones are pretty much bought. The tree looks nice, a nativity set is on our dining table and there's even a snow globe on top of the tv. I guess I should rejoice. Hopefully this weekend we'll catch up too - we plan on taking a family picture in front of the tree and finally printing out those cards. That just might come with a thank you note attached to it :).


Anonymous said...

When you're ready to print pictures, try taking them to the Kodak Gallery kiosk at Target. 4"x8" photo cards (like the one I sent you) are only 44 cents each, come with an envelope, and are ready for pick-up in about an hour. You can't beat that!
I swear I don't work for Target or Kodak. :-)


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